Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

It was only a couple of days ago that issues started to appear with people using the new Nexus 6P on Telstra’s 4G network, and it looks as if there’s a fix on the way. At this stage, the fix seems to require customers calling up Telstra to have some settings changed (which we’ve detailed below), but we’re sharing this information with Telstra’s corporate affairs unit so they can investigate the possibility of a broader fix behind the scenes.

Courtesy of Whirlpool user Phant0m, here are the steps to follow if you’ve been experiencing connectivity issues on Telstra’s 4G network:

  • Call the Telstra mobile assurance team (Mobile Faults) (125 111)
  • Have them check some things in a system called “Modini”. In particular, they need to check and ensure the “HLR/HSS comparator” alignment issues are fixed (it tells them onscreen if there’s an issue)
  • Ensure they have VoLTE enabled this is another tab in Modini
  • Once its all aligned and in Green this should fix the issue

According to some early results on this thread from Whirlpool, the fix appears to work; once you get off the phone with Telstra Mobile Faults, reboot your phone and it should be resolved. As I say, we’ve raised this issue with Telstra corporate as well, and hopefully a wider fix will be available soon.

Please let us know if you had the issue and if this fix resolves it for you. Please also note that this is only applicable via phone to 125 111; store agents and others are unable to action this kind of fix.

Source: Whirlpool.
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I had these issues with my nexus 6p on Telstra. I edited the apn settings to ipv4/ipv6 instead of ipv4 and have not had any issues for a day. I’ll continue to use it and see how it goes

Paul Troy

I did that too. No difference


Out of curiosity, what other fixes have you attempted?

Paul Troy

Changing apn, lte only,Toggling airplane mode, turning data on and off, rebooting, toggling 3g/4g , changed to ipv4/ipv6 etc


It worked for me for about a day – at one point – signal disappeared completely and permanently… – no 3G, no 4G – only call/ sms signal – and airplane mode on/ off didn’t bring it back…

I tried calling telstra and getting the settings calibrated – but it didn’t fix the issue.


Yeah I’ve got a 6P – no luck. First Telstra support person helped with the HLR alignment but no difference – on my second call back Telstra just told me the phone isn’t supported as I bought it at Harvery Norman.


Any update on this? Just got my 6P yesterday and have already seen the issue.


I called Telstra last night and asked them to apply this fix for me. They definitely found an “alignment issue” but it doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem.


Hi all, we don’t have an official word from Telstra yet. I spoke to them earlier today, and they gave us some info on background which we can’t share just yet, but when we have their proper advice, we’ll share it. At this stage, though, I’ll say this — it doesn’t look like there’ll be a quick fix.

Björn Rostron

Any idea as to when that info can be shared?


Any ability to share information yet? Would love to know more. Should I be preparing to change from Telstra?


Any responses to your request for comment?

The fixes have not worked, still in the dark.

Sean Zemunik

did not work! back on 3g


I am having major issues. Continually dropping out of service. Having to toggle aeroplane mode to turn it back on. Ridiculous. Any word on a fix yet guys? I have an old number and am on a business plan if that means anything.

Rene Carroll

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Will Dutton

Unfortuantely Volte isnt available on business plans either so I’M STUFFED.

Called up and got them to check the alignment and now I have no 4g at all


So in other words it’s Telstra systems not being up to date / not being compatible with standards, again. Why is it always Telstra?

Reading between the lines, the way they have implemented VoLTE means if it’s capable of using it, it’s expected to be used, and if it isn’t it falls into a hole. So it looks like it’s Telstra’s belated implementation of VoLTE, and they need to either turn VoLTE on for everyone, or fix their system, or both.

TIO and compensation if they don’t sort it?

Adrian Mace

Mine has been working fine on Telstra, but I feel this would affect people in 4GX areas where VoLTE could be enabled more than anywhere else..

Jay T

Mine has been working fine on Telstra, with no fix required.

I wonder if this only needs to be fixed on old numbers. Mine’s only been on Telstra for ~1.5 years


Didn’t work for me. They said it was all good, but I have read posts about this being related to volte which isn’t available on prepaid.

David Jacka

Same here. The girl I talked to was very rude too


Yep unfortunately prepaid users are stuffed 🙁

John Bousattout

That is great news for 6P users.
But, How the hell did they find that fix? lol!!


yeah haha that’s so obscure! cheers ausdroid team for the legitness. looks like im in for a nexus 6p from optus outright and back to my telstra prepaid