32GB - 6P
If you’ve been waiting for the 32GB or 128GB models of the Nexus 6P to come in on the Google Store we have good news, the Graphite (Black) and Aluminium (Silver) models are both now available to purchase for 32GB, while the 128GB model is only available in Aluminium.

The 32GB Nexus 6P is priced at $899, while the 128GB Nexus 6P is priced at $1,099 with both phones scheduled to leave the warehouse by tomorrow (November 6th). Depending on how fast you want your new phone, you can go with the free shipping option which takes 3-5 business days, or add International Priority shipping for an additional $23.00.

Stock of the phones should be Ok, but if you’re in a rush head over to the Google Store now and place your order.

Source: Google Store (Nexus 6P).
Thanks: Onel Benjamin.
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    Anthony Smith

    I’d avoid the Google Store if you are able to.


    Why so? Returns are easier to deal with compared to bricks and mortar.

    Dennis Bareis

    My play store watch replacement was the best warranty experience I’ve ever had.

    Dean Jones

    All things said about Google Store, people have been saying that the return experience has been excellent.


    Now if we can start selling the Graphite 128GB now that would be great…

    Michael Galvan

    Just 3 hours and the 128 Aluminium one is out of stock T-T

    Mikey Kar

    Awesome, you failed to mention that the 64Gb Graphite is back in stock 🙂 grabbed myself one… Im also an IOS user making the switch from ios to android for the first time… Cant wait for it to arrive. Bene an ios user since the iphone 3GS lol

    Dennis Bareis

    Thanks for the heads up, got the 128 Aluminium one


    I’m genuinely curious. What’s the need for 128gigs?
    Not knocking it, just curious what you use it for.

    Daniel Tyson

    I gotta store my porn somewhere ;P


    Thank God for fingerprint scanners.


    Definitely a case for carrying a little spray of detol.


    1) I’m a vagrant. I live in airport lounges. YouTube buffers in airport WiFis. I like usibg TorchBrowser or Tubemate to download YouTube before each trip.

    2) I like capturing my toddler’s life in 4K video.

    3) 100GB Cloud storage is not enough. 1TB Flickr storage isn’t enough.

    4) Gumtree re-sale differentiation.

    I ordered meenova USB-C, as N6P 128GB won’t be enough for all my Pluralsight/Udemy/Lynda videos.

    Dennis Bareis

    If it had an sdcard with even 32gb then I wouldn’t need it. My current phone’s 64 gb was filling up. No music, some pictures, videos, some apps have big caches and I use titanium backup to make backups of my very many apps. Picture cache on its own is about 6gb, sometimes get more than one (different app?).

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