Google Drive is getting better sharing options for both Android and iOS, with improvements to accessibility on notifications as well as expanding access to those without a Google account.

The first improvement – available to Android and iOS users, will allow users to access a file or folder shared with them from notifications they receive on their mobile device. The notifications will only come if you have chosen to receive Drive notifications, so they won’t be too pervasive and the option will be offered to turn them off in settings will be offered when users first load the updated Drive app.

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Android users will also now be able to view Google Drive files without a Google account, this offers seamless sharing to a wider variety of people, opening up access to more potential users.

The updated Google Drive app will be rolled out to Android and iOS users shortly with Google expecting the rollout to take more than three days. You can check your pending updates in the Play Store to check if you’re on the list yet.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Apps Updates.