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If you’re a Crossy Road fan, then we know what your weekend looks like now, with Mighty Games unleashing their follow up game Shooty Skies to Google Play. Shooty Skies is developed by Melbourne based developers Mighty Games and has been on iOS since the 29th of September, but only a little over a month later it’s here on Android – bravo chaps.

Shooty Skies has the same unique and fun visual style as its predecessor Crossy Road, but rather than Frogger, you’re looking at 1942 as the inspiration for this game – and it’s AWESOME. You simply drag your finger across the screen to play and your character (Shooty Cat to start with) flies all over the screen with guns blazing. You can shoot down enemies as they come towards you and collect credits (which you can use to buy stuff) and also collect gun upgrades as you go.

With in-game credits, you can tell it’s a freemium title, so it’s free up front, but you’re able to purchase a bunch of items in-game such as weapon upgrades or different characters priced between $1.09 – $3.29 per item.

As you can see from that trailer, the team at Mighty Games have done a great job here, it looks great, it’s fun AND it integrates with Google Play Games to offer you a Global Leader Board – Awesome!

If you’re in the mood for some great gaming fun, head over to Google Play and grab Shooty Skies right now. No, seriously, go grab it, but kiss your weekend goodbye.

Shooty Skies
Shooty Skies
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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    As good as expected from the creators of Crossy Road! Loved the Pac-Man game they put out as well.

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