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The price wars have started on the new Nexus devices already. Last night we heard that Harvey Norman are throwing in a Chromecast with every Nexus 6P, which has already solicited a reaction from one of their biggest rivals in the consumer electronics space; JB Hifi.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.03.38 PM

Rather than throw in a Chromecast, JB have simply dropped the price of the 64GB Nexus 6P in Aluminium by $50 to $947. A great tactic when you look at it; for those who don’t want a Chromecast, you get a discounted phone or for people that do want one you already have a discount to the value of one regardless.

All I can say is well played JB Hifi, Well played.

Also, if you have a spare old working phone lying around, trade it in and get an extra $50 off your Nexus 6P (or Nexus 5X). This also includes the Telstra Cruise T126: a $9 handset you can actually purchase in-store.
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.41.56 pm

Have you sited any specials out there we need to share with other readers?

Source: JB HIFI.
Thanks: Jamie.
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Sean Kavanagh

Just picked up the 32Gb Nexus 6P in the Hornsby Optus shop for $744 including a Huawei case and headphones. This is not locked to Optus and loving it. JB Hi-Fi offered me $725 on the Nexus 5x but suggested I may be able to see one in a phone store…turned out to be a great idea!

Jonny Osorio

Thanks to you I saved money and got mine instantly instead of having to wait from kogan 🙂


Mate of mine pick one up last night for $895

Glenn Caldwell

Obviously unless you’re on Telstra, or Boost, then hold off on the phone till it at least works properly on 4G 🙂


no problems here in 3 days on Boost


did anyone get any freebies with they’re purchase ? mine came with a case and earbuds from huawei ?
via optus.


I got the same from Virgin


the case was rubbish, but the ear buds are reasonable


I haven’t tried the earphones myself, but the case is alright. It’s cheap-ish and basic, but it means I don’t have a naked phone until a better one arrives in the mail. Plus, it’s free, so it’s an unexpected surprise.

Shakeel Ali

Same here. Was not expecting any freebies from Virgin considering how much cheaper the phone was with them compared to any other carrier/retailer.


Bought mine last night:

-$50 trade in
-$41 for the Galaxy S3 that has been sitting under my bed for 18 months
= $856 for this awesome phone

vijay alapati

$41 for a S3…thats too low, u could have got a better price i guess in gumtree


$41 is a fair price for a rooted device that has been flashed to death and has a dodgy headphone jack


Got Mine 6P 64 GB from Vodafone. $60 a month contract. 2 years I’ll pay 1440 and that includes unlimited calls + 3GB data each month. As a free gift I also got Case, headset and Huawei talkband 2. I guess its a great deal.


Nearly had a heart attack then. Saw the image before reading the text and thought it was on sale for $449. *dreams*

vijay alapati

me too, was abt to run to the store and grab a couple till my dreams got shattered


Bought mine through JB when it was still $997. Thankfully I gave them a call yesterday and they said they’d refund the difference 🙂


No brainer.
With $50 extra in my pocket, I could buy a chromecast with that
or take the wife to a 2 star restaurant.


Don’t spend your money on your wife silly man.

Alex Milev

And all other chumps like me who purchased from the google play store paid $999 plus a $24 international processing fee because of ING direct urghhhhhhh


Yeah but where do you draw the line. I could of got the Nexus 6 for $5-600 if I waited a year, but you gotta draw the line somewhere because it could drop in price every month for the next 3 years


I’m one of those chumps. Paid full price and got it days later and paid more than people who bought it locally. And what’s with the international processing fee? I thought that the Google Play Store was localised and they had a presence in Australia. This amazing Google warranty better be worth it!

Alex Milev

Yeah I hope so too haha