With other video platforms beginning a push to move in on video, YouTube has really upped their game of late and today YouTube has announced some new updates for Virtual Reality support with 360° videos as well as Cardboard integration.

First up, there’s improvements in VR, with YouTube now supporting better depth perception in VR video. Google and YouTube have improved perception so that you now get a sense of depth in videos in all direction, or as YouTube put it: ‘Near things look near, far things look far’. YouTube has suggested two titles to try it out on:


YouTube has also announced that they’ve added Cardboard support to YouTube – yep, every part of it. Now you can select ‘Cardboard’ from the watch page menu then drop your phone into your Cardboard viewer and start watching like you’re in a cinema. Don’t have Cardboard? Grab Cardboard from the Ausdroid Shop for $24.95 each.


When can you get access to all this cool stuff? Well, the update is headed to YouTube for Android today, so make sure you have the latest update.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

What’s your favourite VR video or Cardboard experience on YouTube?

Source: YouTube.
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    Phillip Molly Malone
    5 years ago

    Cool. Added your Cardboard viewer to an order today (getting some cables for new Nexus 6P)! Can’t wait to play with it!