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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has received a security update in the last couple of days which resolves the last lingering Stagefright vulnerabilities, significantly increasing the security on the 2015 flagship. The new build – version G920IDVU3DOJ6 – came around via an OTA update, and testing with Zimperium’s Stagefright Detector app  shows that the phone is no longer vulnerable to these security issues.

So far we’ve seen this OTA available to unbranded outright handsets, as well as those on Optus’ network (and purchased there). If you’ve bought a Galaxy S6 on Telstra or Vodafone, please let us know if you’ve received the latest build as well, and whether the vulnerabilities are addressed on your devices too.

This update puts Samsung in a fairly good position, with a number of other devices remaining vulnerable. Samsung’s timeliness with software updates has improved markedly in 2015, and while we haven’t seen an Android 6.0 Marshmallow update yet, regular and timely security updates is a welcome addition, easily extending the useful life and service of one of the best phones of the year.

Stagefright Detector
Stagefright Detector
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Branden Aye Tremblay

I know htc have patched the one M9 on Telstra, just waiting for Vodafone.


On the Samsung/Marshmallow topic, don’t expect the update to version 6 any time soon. The strict rules around doze and the standardisation of a finger print sensor will mean the code for Power Saving Mode/Ultra Power Saving Mode and their own finger print software will need to be heavily modified.


They could just remove all that, and make the fingerprint reader use the now-standard Android API .. then problem solved 😉


I’d say Samsung Pay would need to be modded for that to work. Which is probably what’s happening

Max Luong

I can’t believe it’s taking this long.

Another reason to buy a Nexus. Far better security.


Eh, other manufacturers haven’t patched the latest Stagefright until quite recently. Sony’s patch only came out a week ago or so.

Tony Soprano

Personally I think it’s a lot of hype for nothing. I’m not denying there’s an issue, but I highly doubt many people, if any, have been genuinely affected by stagefright.

Max Luong

I was talking about Google vs OEMS.

Google fixed Stagefright 2 a month ago?

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