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Telstra’s got a Christmas promotion for you that’s worthy of some serious consideration, offering $240 credit on a new tablet or phone when you sign up to 12 months of Go Mobile service. If that’s not sweet enough, you’ll also get $200 credit and 4.5GB of extra data to use each month (if you sign up online).

The deal is for new and returning customers who sign up to a new Go Mobile plan, where you’ll find the bonus credit and data on offer at the $50/month and $70/month price points on 12-month plans. Spread over 12 months, that $200 credit would reduce your monthly spend to around $34/month for 7GB of data. On data alone, that’s one of the best deals around.

To kicker is that once you sign up to the plan Telstra’s Christmas offer gets you an extra $240 credit to spend on a new device. The text on Telstra’s offer page suggests using the credit to purchase a tablet, but we’re told that Telstra reps are allowing it to be used for purchase of a new phone. It’s worth confirming this with a Telstra representative before you go ahead, though — don’t get caught out based on assumption.

If honoured, this deal would bring the price of a 32GB Nexus 5X down to $480 – a very merry Christmas indeed.

Despite the “online only” Go Mobile credit and data offer, OzBargain commenters are also saying that this is available in-store, probably depending on whether your Telstra salesperson is having a good day or not so good… again, it’s worth clarifying before you sign anything or hand over any money.

Will this offer affect your choice of carrier? Is a change in the wind? Tell us how you go with the deal in the comments!

Source: Telstra Go MobileTelstra Chrismas 2015 Offers.
Via: OzBargain.
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Shakeel Ali

Just to clarify from a Telstra employee (ME) 1. The $240 Device credit can be used on any device, as long as it isnt a pre-paid handset. That means Tablets (Wi-Fi and Cellular) and phones 2. The bonus data and $200 Credit is a separate offer which is now ONLY available online. It was available at the store’s discretion up until today. You can try and strong-arm the credit out of a store, but the Manager has to apply it directly and they would need a damned good reason to break business rules. 3. As far as we have been… Read more »

Radd Peters

Hey Shakeel,
Is the $240 for the device being purchased or a separate device?


When you sign up on a contract whether it’s byo or a go plan, you get $240 credit towards purchasing a device that isn’t prepaid. So if you’re getting a go plan with a device, it’d go towards a second device, not the one on the go plan

Andrew Church


Some of this is contrary to what the Telstra affiliate who posted this deal on OzBargain is saying. One – you can still get the $200 online deal in store. Two – you can’t get wifi only tablets.


Problem is many staff don’t know how to push through an online deal in store, but I’ve also heard that Telstra are trying to put a stop to people grabbing both deals in one go.

Shakeel Ali

Yeah i realise that. Some stores are still offering the credit as it is up to the managers discretion even though as per business rules, the offer has ended. Many stores will do it to boost their post-paid new connection numbers. It comes out of their pocket at the end of the day.

The Wi-Fi tablet issue looks like it isnt fully clarified yet. As far as my store is concerned the discount code we have to apply works for Wi-Fi Tablets so i would say jump on the deal if you can!

Radd Peters

Let’s say I get the online deal with the $200 credit, do I still get the $240 to use in any store for a device?


I’m not sure if it is clear in this article but from chatting with a Telstra rep, these seem to be two separate offers. There are two types of deals online: 1) “One with the SIM only plan in which you’ll get $200 welcome credit to pay the first few month’s monthly bill” 2) “The second deal, you’ll get a $240 welcome credit if you sign up for a new phone on a plan to purchase a phone/iPad or a Tablet outright.” So from my understanding (sorry if this was already clear). You can only get 1 offer depending on… Read more »

Aaron De Vries

I want to sign up for this, but wary of Telstra’s reported issues with the Nexus 6P :/

Cameron Harvey

Absolutely available in store, there is a form that the sales person has to complete. Simply mention that you saw the offer online and they can do it.

Avon Perera

I forgot about the extra 4.5gb. Sweet deal!