Motorola’s latest mid-range handset — the Moto G 3rd Gen (or Moto G 2015 as its sometimes known) — is not quite three months old in Australia, and we’ve recently seen it become more widely available in retail. We know that the handset is increasingly popular, not only because I reviewed it and thought it was pretty well awesome, but also because there’s been a huge demand from both our readers and the community at large for retail availability.

Now that it’s here, I wanted to do a quick wrap of some of the best accessories available for the Moto G 3rd Gen, all of which you can grab from the Ausdroid Shop.

Screen protectors


Aerios screen protectors are our in-house brand, developed by the team behind Gadgets 4 Geeks. Made of tempered Japanese glass, these are a premium screen protector designed to protect your phone from life’s knocks and bangs.

Being glass, they’re a bit easier to fit than flimsy film screen protectors, and they’re more sturdy too. If you do manage to drop your Moto G 3rd, and you’ve got one of these on, you minimise the risk of the phone screen cracking or shattering.

They’re just $19.95 on the Ausdroid Shop.

Rugged case


This is a case designed to go to war. Well, perhaps not quite war, but it’ll certainly take a bit of abuse and protect your phone from much of it. Available in black, the dual-layer design of this case will protect your phone without adding too much bulk, and the bonus feature is the inclusion of a kick-stand which allows you to use the Moto G 3rd for consuming media wherever you happen to be.

The Dual Layer Rugged Case is available for $16.95 on the Ausdroid Shop.

Orzly InvisiCase and Fusion Bumper

Orzly are our premium accessories brand, and while they’re of premium design and construction, they’re not super expensive. In fact, much of Orzly’s range is not significantly more expensive than our generic brands.

The Orzly Invisi Case for Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) is a transparent, crystal clear back cover with smooth gloss, non slip surface. It is an elegant cover which feels great in the hand, is ridiculously light-weight and most importantly, protects from those dreaded scuff marks! The Invisi Case is $13.95.

The Orzly Fusion Bumper Case for Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) is a Clear back cover with flexible protective Black rubber edges and shock absorbent frame, and just $22.95.

Orzly’s Leather Flip Wallet is available in black and red. It’s a multifunctional flip cover with cash holder and credit card slots. Both colours are priced at $20.95.

Flexi-Gel range for Moto G 3rd

If you’re just after a bit of stylish minimal protection, our Flexi-Gel cases are available in a range of colours and they’re as light as a feather. They give you a moderate amount of protection, some extra grip on your phone, and some much-needed flair on an otherwise black, featureless device!

Check the shop for the latest colours and availability, but they’re generally available for $12.95 each.



  1. planning to buy this or put a 50$ more and get 32gb x play from india. I wish it was same price in OZ so that i get a local warranty.

    • Moto G is a fantastic little phone. I’d definitely go something with a local warranty over an import from India, and there’s not super significant differences between the G and X Play.