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The Commonwealth Bank has certainly been leading the charge – excuse the pun – with mobile payments in Australia over the past few years, and this week they continued that tradition by adding credit card tap’n’pay support to their Android App.

CommBank has had tap to pay support on Android for some time now, first with NFC “Pay Tag” stickers you attached to the back of your phone, then with an on-device NFC solution that was limited to savings/debit card accounts. This week, the Commonwealth have now enabled full credit card support allowing you to link some of your credit cards.

So far I have linked both Mastercard and American Express cards, however, my Visa cards did not show in the app. After speaking with CommBank support staff today, we can confirm that Visa cards are not currently eligible for this service. We will be reaching out to Commonwealth Bank to inquire if the Visa limitation is a permanent restriction.

If you’re a CommBank customer and haven’t installed the app perhaps this is what you’ve been waiting for, find the link to the Play Store below.

Price: Free

Are you excited for credit card based mobile payments? If so would this entice you to switch banks? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Google Play.
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Mikhail Cass

Um.. Westpac app has supported Credit Cards for ages. Or am I missing something?

Daniel Tyson

Westpac has Tap & Pay for ALL phones (Read: Not just ‘Compatible Samsung phones)? That’s new.


Anyone have the apk? It’s still not updating for me


Great, hopefully they’ll add fingerprint support in a future update.


Still don’t have the update visible on my 5X (I’m registered for Tap and Pay with a Debit card, but there’s no credit card option). Also when I look in the play store it doesn’t mention this new functionality. How long should this take to rollout to everyone???


Some roll outs can take a few weeks, not what you want to hear but by Christmas you’ll have it.


stage roll outs for apps too? lol


Is the staged rollout because the bank wants to do it, or because google want to do it? Or is it done per device type or something?


The bank.

There are options for staged rollout in the Google Play console that publishers can use.

Daniel Adams

This is pretty good, its a shame the other banks are so far behind, i might look at switching banks!

vijay alapati

i was thinking the same since last year and moved my wife’s account to CAN. now i can use the app on both of our phones for tap and pay while i’m still with ANZ



I’ve been waiting for this!


Have tested this as the new app rolled out to my phone yesterday. It works rather well. The exclusion of Visa seems a little odd and we have asked about this but I assume there’s some technical or contractual reason why they can’t.

One of the reasons we bank with CBA is that their app is kind of good compared to some of the others.

Dan Rayner

Thanks Chris, I go the update yesterday as well. but wouldn’t work out why my cc wouldn’t work. It’s VISA

Iain Simmons

Been waiting for this for ages, sucks that it doesn’t work for Visa cards. I feel slightly better knowing it’s not just me/my card with issues… Then I realise that sucks for lots of people, and don’t feel better anymore… 🙁


I tried today using my 6p, however it didn’t work well. Also after I tried second time, it made their machines restarted. Not quite sure whether it’s the app or machine problem.

Aaron De Vries

Is it just me, or has the app update not on the play store yet? Only have the option to choose bank accounts still :/


It’s a slow rollout. I don’t have the new app either yet.

Michael Neuling

I don’t have it either.


I’ve had this for at least 5 months.. Or am I confusing this? We’ve had tap and pay without their stick on NFC sticker for ages. Was that just from a bank account though and this is from an actual card?

Iain Simmons

You could use tap and pay for Debit cards only. Now you can use credit cards, though not Visa cards… I guess it’s not like it’s one of the most common types of cards in the world…

Paul Smedley

APK please :P)


I’d love to see support for Nexus Imprint – it can be a bit cumbersome entering a PIN at the checkout.


Ring 132221 and lodge that as feedback, CBA are very receptive – being receptive doesn’t mean the features will come though 🙂


I moved from commbank to ubank and then got a westpac credit card, kind of regretting that now. Westpac said they have no plans to add credit cards or other phones to their mobile app. Wonder if it’s time to see what commbank have on offer for new accounts…


If enough consumers move because of differences in available products/ offerings you can bet the other banks would rapidly change their stance.


Yeah. It’d be a shame to waste all my altitude points with westpac though, and it is a pain to move all the bills and whatnot over. Perhaps just a card for store shopping… hmm…