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Fans of the Huawei Watch will soon be able to purchase from one more outlet, with Google listing the Stainless Steel version of the watch on the Google Store. As a bonus, it looks like you’ll soon be able to purchase the charger as well.

The watch is listed as ‘Coming Soon’, but a look in the source code shows a $649 price tag for the Stainless Steel model with a stainless steel mesh band. When it goes on-sale, it appears that Google will be offering their usual ‘Leaves warehouse in 1 – 2 business days’ shipping estimate, and as usual shipping options begin at free for the standard 3-5 business day turn-around, or you can pay $23.00 for the 1-3 business day turn-around to get it that little bit quicker.

The Huawei Watch is, in our opinion, the best Android Wear watch your money can buy at this stage, it looks great in Stainless Steel or Black and performs well under almost all circumstances. There was one niggle in our review in the charger and its lack of availability for spares, but it looks like that could be resolved soon, with the charger accessory also being listed as well for $59.

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There’s no dates on the store for when either the watch or charger will go live, but hopefully it will be soon. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

Source: Huawei WatchHuawei Watch Charging Cradle.
Thanks: Dan.
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Yikes! These prices are becoming a joke. I’ll stick to my $99 LG G Watch (got it from the Google store on a one day sale).

Our dollar isn’t helping lately which is a shame…


Good looking watch but those prices are too high for me


I was hoping to give Android Wear a whirl this year, but with the local prices for this and the Moto 360 v2, I think I’ll stay with my OG Pebble watch a little while longer or go for a Moto 360 v1


So much for Chinese companies bringing us affordable devices. I think Asus are leading the way now with budget phones and wearables.


When the first news of this watch releasing came out, I kind of skipped over the fact that it was going to have a premium price tag and was getting psyched to get it.

Unfortunately going to give it a miss now.


At those prices I will stick to my 360 until it dies then not bother with another watch. It is a freaking watch and those prices are outrageous.