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If you’re the owner of a new Nexus 6P, and a user of Telstra’s networks, you’re no doubt aware by now that there are some concerning issues surrounding the phone’s compatibility with Telstra’s 4G network.

The issue, which seems to arise when moving from WiFi to cellular coverage affects users on 4G, who observe a “4G!” mark on their status bar, with no data connectivity. Users have variously reported needing to activate airplane mode or rebooting their phone to rectify the issue, which only provides a temporary fix until the issue reoccurs.

The good news is that Google have acknowledged the problem, as we know, and are working with Huawei to resolve it. For what it’s worth, we approached Telstra about the issue too, and while they were able to tell us informally that it was an issue for Huawei and Google to resolve, there was no official comment which is a little disappointing from them.

At this stage, it seems there’s not much that users can do but we suggest trying the following:

  • If you’re unhappy with the phone, and the lack of 4G stability on Telstra is a major issue, we suggest talking to Google or the place of purchase, and discussing your options with them. You may be able to refund or exchange your handset.
  • If 4G doesn’t matter too much to you, and you can wait a little while for a fix, you might like to try turning off 4G, and locking your phone to 2G/3G mode only. You can do this via settings. Some users are reporting that this doesn’t help, though.
  • If you need 4G coverage to work reliably, turning off WiFi seems to be an obvious solution; as the issue often arises when handing over from WiFi to 4G, turning off WiFi means this won’t happen. Obviously, though, it means that you’ll be using mobile data for everything. Be careful that this is what you actually prefer. The other thing to bear in mind though is that the issue can (and reportedly does) arise independent of the WiFi->4G handover, meaning that this might not actually help.

With Google and Huawei working on the issue, it does seem reasonably likely that the issue will see itself resolved, but it might not happen overnight. We’ve seen in the comments on Ausdroid that a few users are contemplating return/refund options at this stage.

Please let us know if you’ve taken this step, and whether you’ve had any issues in obtaining a resolution from your place of purchase. We’re continuing to speak to Google and Huawei to better understand what’s going on, and bring you a timeframe as soon as we find one.


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Paul Troy

Well it made no difference to mine, but then, I’m in a 4gx location


I just had this issue and fixed it by changing the apn from Telstra.wap to telatra.internet


Can you confirm that really worked? Can you post the APN settings in full??


I’m not suggesting that this is a magical fix. It worked for me, and I thought I would share. I hadn’t experienced the 4G! Symbol before and when I got it, I changed just the apn name. In my apn list there was only “Telstra Internet” and “Telstra MMS”. The APN when you click on the Telstra internet was “telstra.wap”. From previous experience I know Telstra has a couple apns that work and on my nexus 5 if I wanted faster speeds I simply changed the word “.wap” to “.internet”. I’m sure there is a greater issue out there that… Read more »

Dean Jones

So far this is working for me too (thanks!).

I’ll see how it goes over the next few days though.


I’ll give it a try … thanks … 3G isn’t so bad these days now all the iphone users have moved onto 4G ! 😉

Sean Zemunik

Telstra rang me back today and said they are well aware of the issue and are looking at a fix. Could take a week could take a month

John Bousattout

If anyone is still looking to get a 6P, Ebay deals has a 64gig N6P in Graphite for 899. Free delivery.


So the issue is with Huawei/google but the only mobile network reporting to have trouble anywhere in the world is Telstra?!

Right…. got it..


So I just switched to Optus. Only took 5 mins to activate. Probably because I had an old account with them. Getting about 30Mbps up and down here in Melbourne. $2 for 500MB per day sounds good. If the coverage holds up it’s gonna be goodbye Telstra.

Benjamin Dobell

Is there any technical information as to what is the cause of this? I’m curious because my Xperia Z5 seems to have been playing up a bit. Certainly has much worse reception than my Nexus 5 ever did, and it did completely drop off the network and refuse to reconnect until rebooting at one point. Might be a coincidence though.


Tried the 3G fix today and yet it was still losing full signal. No phone. No signal. Returning on Saturday when I get back from Gold Coast…or switching to Vodafone until it is fixed


“A temporary fix for 4G Data issues”

Yet you post 3 solutions, one being to return the phone, while the others do not fix anything…

Well done…may be time to just wait until Google provide an official statement about a fix.


Got my phone yesterday but haven’t use it yet. Is this happen to every Nexus 6p phone on Telstra 4G?


Seems that way


I haven’t yet had this issue on my nexus 6p with Telstra at all. It works as it should.


I only seem to have the issue at work.


Yes, but only on 4GX. The issue does not affect regular 4G zones. Like me, you may find that it works fine at home but doesn’t at work.


Still no issues for me on Boost 4G


Solution is to dump Telstra and switch to a new provider. I was with Telstra mobile for 20+ years until last month.


I’m going to either switch to voda until it’s fixed or return my 6P to Harvey Norman. Haven’t decided which.


Yeah, they are my 2 options. Except I’d rather go with Optus because the $2 days deal is awesome!


This will “work”, but keep in mind that Tel$tra’s 3G network is faster than Optarse and Vodafail’s 4G networks, and the other networks’ coverage areas are abysmal by comparison.

I’m not on contract, so I can change to whichever network I choose, but unfortunately there’s just no competing with Telstra in this regard.

You get what you pay for.


That’s just not true. Optus in particular, and Vodafone, have great 4G networks. Anyone that refers to Vodafone as Vodafail hasn’t used their network in years.

I constantly got 60-100Mbps with Amaysim, and get 30-110Mbps with Telstra.


I’ll admit I haven’t used Optus or Vodafone in a number of years. I switched from Optus to Telstra circa 2009 and I remember I was blown away at the difference in network quality. A year or so later I was using my wife’s Vodafone phone to access the Internet, and I almost put a call in to the TIO on her behalf when I saw what their idea of “mobile data” was.

Andrew Palozzo

I live and work in Melb CBD, which is entirely 4GX. I can say none of the fixes work except for switching to 3G. :'(

David Jacka

Same here. I’m in country Vic which is entirely 4gx too and only the 3g option works here


Switching to 3G didn’t even work for me today. Was at sea world on the Gold Coast and had 3g selected and yet at times still had no reception. Nothing. No data. No phone reception. Nada


Dropping back to 3G has worked for me too but as I’m due for a Recharge I’m gonna try Optus for the next month.


> and while they were able to tell us informally that it was an issue for Huawei and Google to resolve I’m doubting this very much. Seems strange that it’s only Telstra that has shown these issues if Huawei or Google were at fault, doesn’t it? Of all the mobile carriers on the planet, only Telstra are doing it right? From what we’ve seen on XDA, it seems very like it’s Telstra in their provisioning that screwed up. Again. Maybe it’s just that they are using some part of a standard that nobody else uses – but then *why* do… Read more »


From Telstra’s point of view, the 6P is the only handset that has this issue. 🙂

I actually think the title of this article is misleading. There is no fix, and the ones listed have been suggested previously.


Sometimes we slip these sneaky titles in just to see if people are paying attention..

Paul Troy

Turning off WiFi makes no difference. Only temporary solution is to use 3g