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If you’re in the mood for some gaming, then head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle site and grab the latest bundle which now has two additional games making the bundle even better value.

The premium tier of the Humble Mobile Bundle has been updated with Partyrs, and Sleep Furiously added to the mix. The Premium tier is available to everyone paying more than the average price, which stands at US$4.17, but nets you all the games in the bundle which includes ALONE…, Space Marshals and Ys Chronicles 1 in the Premium tier, and Rocket ROBO, Block Legend, and Outwitters Humble Edition in the pay what you want tier.

The bundle supports charities Direct Relief and Worldreader, and you can split your payment between them, the developers and the Humble Bundle folks. Payments can be made through a variety of channels, including Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon and BitCoin.

The Humble Bundle team also offers an Android App to keep track of all your Humble Bundle purchases, link up your Humble Bundle account and all your bundles will be easily accessible. Head over to the Humble Bundle site to grab the APK and side-load it.

If you want to grab the Humble Bundle, head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website and check out the deal right now.

Source: Humble Bundle.