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While Motorola Moto E Gen 2 owners look on enviously, it looks like Moto X Style owners will be getting a tasty treat soon with David Schuster, Senior Director, SW Product Management, Motorola Mobility announcing on Google+ that Marshmallow is now rolling out for the Moto X Style in India. While the India clarification isn’t Australia, we’ve been advised by Motorola Australia previously that our software updates roll out on the same schedule.

The update has also been announced for the Brazilian retail model of the Moto X Gen 2, so we should see something on Australian Moto X Gen 2 shortly. The update includes all the Android 6.0 goodness you’ve come to expect, including:

  • A new Memory Manager that lets you check memory usage of all your installed apps
  • Volume controls have been greatly improved
  • Do not disturb button has been added to the quick settings panel for easy access.
  • System UI Tuner will appear in the settings menu at the very bottom once enabled. It provides a few simple UI tweaks.
  • Google Now on Tap allows contextual information to be delivered based on content on your screen with a long press of the home key.
  • Doze is a battery management feature that detects when your device is not in use and it will automatically go into a deep sleep state which saves your battery.
  • App Standby reduces battery drain by putting seldom-used apps into a reduced activity state.
  • Expandable Storage support allows for microSD cards to be used either in a portable storage or an internal storage mode. Portable storage allows your pictures, videos, audio and other media files to be stored. Internal storage allows both media storage along with apps and games but can not be used by other devices.
  • RAM manager in settings which allows a consumer to view memory used by the system or an individual app over different time frames
  • Automatic App backup not only backs up your apps but their associated data so when restored they will be the same as they were before
  • Text selection has been improved

Motorola has more information on the updates on their support website.

The Moto X Style is only available through Vodafone Australia, but so far according to the Vodafone software update blog published yesterday, the update isn’t yet in testing. We’ve approached Motorola Australia and Vodafone for an update on when owners will see the update.

Source: +David Schuster.
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    Still waiting here in Australia, it’s 2016, HELLO.!!!

    Savvas Totikidis

    Approaching mid December and still no update, I really doubt we’ll see marshmallow this year in Australia.

    Savvas Totikidis

    Still no android m, soon can mean anything. How much longer for the moto x style in Australia?

    Tim Garrett

    Any joy yet? I had a reply on g+ that Vodafone was testing however I bought outright and am with telstra. Is the marshmallow update via Vodafone in Australia or Motorola? Will it be only officially available to Vodafone handsets?

    Savvas Totikidis

    I really have no idea how the updates come to the user’s, I put the sim back in my Nexus 6 and I immediately got all the updates. I had battery issues with my moto x I couldn’t even get passed 3pm without it going dead. I’m a field Tech so I haven’t got a turbo charger in the car. Now with my Nexus 6 on marshmallow I’ve got a super fast butter smooth phone that last all day.


    What about the X Play? I hope it is not that much further behind the Style. I also hope they can get the double chop working.


    If only we could buy it (no thanks vodaphone).


    Amen to that!

    Spazzy Mcgee

    Just buy the x-play from xpansys, lands in the country within 48hrs then you just have to wait for Auspost to get it to you a couple of days later.


    yeah, nah. Been burnt before with grey imports not quite performing. Eg, Is the charger that xpansys ship compatible with the turbo charging specific to the play?? I doubt it.

    Spazzy Mcgee

    They ship the UK retail model and supply an additional aus plug. But even the original Motorola plug is only 1150ma so is not turbo charge capable.