Nexus 5X - 6P
Google’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are great phones (at least if you’re not on Telstra) and Google wants to sing about them. In the US, Google has been playing commercials for both phones on prime-time TV, a real first for Nexus which have never really gotten their time in the spotlight. Now Google Australia has added the commercials to their YouTube channels, so it’s time to start watching broadcast channels here to see if they’re going to show up.

Both commercials clock in at the usual 30-second ad timing, making it an easy option to slot into a broadcast. The Nexus 5X commercial shows off the phone in white, black and mint colour options and focuses on the Camera’s ability to take pics in any light, Nexus Imprint and the Marshmallow software on the phone.

The Nexus 6P commercial also focuses on the Camera’s ability to take pictures in any light, the security focus of Nexus Imprint and the Marshmallow software on the phone but adds in the extra of the sculpted aluminium body.

Google and Huawei are investigating the Telstra Nexus 6P issues so hopefully that will be resolved post-haste. In the meantime on Vodafone and Optus the phone is AWESOME – cover on over to the dark side, we have Nexus 6P’s that work.

Let us know if you’ve seen these ads on Australian TV.

Source: Google Australia YouTube.
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    Phill Edwards

    Quite liking my Nexus 5X. The main issue, if you can call it that, is that it’s too thin which makes it slippery to hold. Should have made it bigger and shoved in a larger battery while at it. But you could say the same of most phones these days.

    John Batman

    I’m dumbfounded when I figured out 5X is actually lighter than my 5! Kudos to Google and LG they did an amazing job in this!


    Changed to Optus and loving it. Awesome phone,


    I hope the ad for the 6P includes a warning about all the problems. I’m on day #3 of the the 6P, and I’m ready to write off the $1k as a failed experiment. I want to go back to my 5. Except I can’t because the 6P inexplicably wanted me to a put a nano sim, into a holder the size for a mini sim.

    Daniel Tyson

    So clarifying, you’re a Telstra customer. Guaranteed you’ll find the 6P awesome on Optus or Vodafone. Fantastic phone.

    Matthew Gardner

    A fix is being worked on. Right now it is a bit frustrating to have to go back to 3g on Telstra, but it’s temporary so calling it “failed” might be a touch extreme.