Nexus 6P
The network issues for Nexus 6P owners using the Telstra network are well known, with JB Hifi going as far as pulling the phone from sale on Friday. It seems Google has taken an extra step as well, adding a warning for Telstra owners on their support documentation.

The warning hasn’t quite made it to the very front and centre of the Google sales machine, with no warning yet being seen on the Google Store, but has appeared on the support site for Nexus phones with Google warning :

Telstra customers using the Nexus 6P may experience issues with their data connection. We have identified the issue and are currently working on a resolution. We will update this page once we can roll out our solution. For the conversation on this issue, see our community forum.

The community forum link takes you to the same Google Product Support page acknowledging the issue and advising Google and Hauwei were working towards a fix.

There’s no updates at this stage as to when a fix will be put in place for Telstra users, though a number of possible workarounds have brought some relief to Telstra customers including:

  • If 4G doesn’t matter too much to you, and you can wait a little while for a fix, you might like to try turning off 4G, and locking your phone to 2G/3G mode only. You can do this via settings. Some users are reporting that this doesn’t help, though.
  • If you need 4G coverage to work reliably, turning off WiFi seems to be an obvious solution; as the issue often arises when handing over from WiFi to 4G, turning off WiFi means this won’t happen. Obviously, though, it means that you’ll be using mobile data for everything. Be careful that this is what you actually prefer. The other thing to bear in mind though is that the issue can (and reportedly does) arise independent of the WiFi->4G handover, meaning that this might not actually help.
  • Changing the APN settings from straight IPv4 to ipv4/ipv6
  • As well as the fix initially outlined on Whirlpool which suggested calling Telstra to get them to apply various back-end settings to your account.

Unfortunately, the outcome for most people attempting these fixes is that while initially promising, the issue has returned quite soon afterwards.

For any Telstra customers there is of course the last resort of returning your Nexus 6P if you’re unhappy with the handsets performance on Telstra. Or maybe try a new carrier out as some readers have advised they have done in comments – Optus and Vodafone are both performing quite well. A fix is coming, but when and how effective it will be is the major question.

Source: Google Support.
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    Paul Troy

    There are no fixes at this stage, but it seems 4gx is at the heart of the problem. Im not sure Telstra has any fix because Google is working with huawei to solve the problem. Maybe a radio problem they can fix with a sw update?
    I’m not too worried. 3g is performing exceptionally well in the meantime.


    Hopefully once Telstra comes up with a fix it works for the Nexus 5 as well.

    Jarryd Howard

    Still would like to see this rapid charging on wireless charging in a way which u are using your phone from a certain distance and it is changing.