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qualcomm snapdragonFollowing the announcement of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor earlier this week, some new details have come to light, including a full specifications sheet for those that love to get stuck on the details.

At a high level, the new Snapdragon 820 is built around the Kryo CPU core, built using — surprisingly enough — Samsung’s 14nm technology. Qualcomm claims that the chip offers twice the performance and efficiency of previous generation parts, but the details around this claim remain – as yet – vague.


What detail we have about the Snapdragon 820 is set out in the spec sheet below, including a raft of improvements such as the Adreno 530 GPU (40% improvement in performance and efficiency), the inclusion of an X12-class modem, and other odds and ends around image processing and security:


We’re expecting to see Snapdragon 820 processors inside phones from early 2016, so perhaps the earliest glimpse we’ll have of these devices will be at CES in Las Vegas come January 2016, which Jason will be covering. I would predict that MWC 2016 in Barcelona will feature more phones and tablets powered by these chips — given the mobile focus — with devices featuring the chips predicted to ship around March/April 2016.

Given the disappointment of the Snadragon 810 processors (too hot, too power thirsty) it will be interesting to see if the Snapdragon 820 can turn Qualcomm’s fortunes around.

Source: ExtremeTech.

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