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Google Australia likes to refresh their advertising for Android from time to time and they’ve published a couple of new advertisements onto their YouTube channel which show off Android and some of the features – new and old – on the Nexus 6P, as well as what appears to be the Galaxy S6 Edge +.

There’s two videos that have been added a full length, minute and a quarter long video called Android: Ready for You, and a shorter more TV-friendly 30-second ad called Android: Free-Wheeling You. Both videos show off Android features like Music, Photos – including that smart burst feature that lets you snap 30fps then choose to create animations or collages from the resulting stream as well as Google Play Music, though the longer version shows Google Now cards and search as well.

Android: Free-Wheeling You

Android: Ready for You

What struck me about the videos is that while the Nexus 6P makes an appearance, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + that stood out as the focus in both. It’s an interesting twist, but with the popularity of Samsung handsets, especially the retail appeal of the Edge models, it’s not surprising.

The ads are pretty good, so sing out if you’ve seen these on Australian broadcast TV.

Source: Google Australia YouTube.
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    Seems like a big advertising push by Google Australia, with significant header ads on Fairfax Media newspaper publication sites today (e.g. SMH, The Age etc)… again with S6 Edge+ in front and centre.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    I find it interesting that it shows off Google Play Music radio stations that, unless I have it wrong, we don’t actually have (unless its available is part of the music play subscription).


    Yeah, radio stations are pretty cool. I have All Access so I guess it comes with that subscription.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    Ahhhh…. I sometime have reason to be on US machines for work and if you go into Google Music you get the free radio stations on all accounts! 😉 With Youtube red coming eventually, I dare say I will be a subscriber before long. Family plans available here would seal the deal!


    Yep, and there’s already a ‘Get YouTube Red’ place holder in the Android YouTube app settings.