Asus announced their next-gen ZenWatch at IFA in September, with 2 different sized models aimed at addressing concerns about excluding customers with smaller wrists. Though the watch is now on-sale in the US, no sign of the watch has appeared in Australia as yet and given their overly late entrance to our market with the original, it’s surprising to see they’ve started to ramp up towards a launch here in Australia.

The Asus Australia Facebook page posted this teaser on their page basically showing a man wearing the watch with the caption ‘Guess what’s heading to Australia…’. While normally Asus products are very much anticipated and wanted, the comments, though only a few haven’t really been a huge outpouring of excitement for the Zenwatch 2.

Guess what's heading to Australia…

Posted by ASUS Australia & New Zealand on Saturday, November 14, 2015

The exact time frame for launch on the Zenwatch 2 in Australia isn’t known as yet, but from the looks of things, it’s definitely coming. We had a brief hands-on with the Zenwatch 2 in Berlin and it was a decent piece of kit, though almost identical in design to the original – Asus thinks they got it right.

We’ll know more soon regarding launch of the Zenwatch 2, so if you’re sure that this is ‘your next’, then stay tuned.

Source: Asus Australia.
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    My ZenWatch 1 does pretty much all I want/need a smartwatch to do for me; I’m happy with its looks and performance and can’t see any reason to bother with the ZenWatch 2 (or any other watch for that matter).

    Joshua Hill

    Personally I think the original Zenwatch looks almost perfect, excluding the overall size being too big for some people. Not sure what they did with no. 2 but there is something horribly wrong with the aesthetics which is an amazing feat considering its basically the same design lol

    vijay alapati

    Heard it will be having the speaker support, So i think we can take advantage of hangouts calls if possible, if the price is less i might jump.