We’ve been covering issues on Telstra’s 4G network experienced by Huawei Nexus 6P owners, and today we’re able to bring you some good news.

I spoke to a Huawei spokesperson earlier this afternoon, and was told:

We have found the cause of the issue and have developed a software upgrade which will fully resolve the problems for Telstra users who have experienced issues. OTA upgrade will be available as soon as all testing is completed.

We understand that this might be fairly quick, but no timeframe has been specified at this stage. The good news is that Optus and Vodafone users are unaffected by the issue, but for those Telstra users who have been affected, the even better news is that the fix is just around the corner.

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Matej Pribelsky

Yup, there’s an update rolling out for 4G Connectivity issues on the 6P. Downloading now! 🙂

VentraIP Australia

Yep, just got an update now too!


Have just received an Android update this morning that addresses ‘4G connectivity issues’. Updating now…

Adrian G

great to see!

Darren Ferguson

Can I expect if faster if I pop in a vodaphone sim? /s

James Hector

I’d just like to give some props to Huawei here. New products often have issues, one as major and inconvenient as this is definitely not ideal. But if you think about the fact that most Australian 6P users have had the phone for just over 2 weeks and the fix is already done and being tested is pretty excellent work.

Greg Hortin

Got mine through JB Hifi and was considering a return. They told me there was a 90 day window on the return so I though it was worth sticking it out.

Can’t say I’ve really noticed the difference in general use not having 4g. Streaming video and music all seemed to work well enough. That being said a $900 3G phone isn’t really acceptable so I’m glad they are finally getting on to sorting it out.


Any fix for people with a Nexus 5? I’ve had this problem for years now.

Greg Hortin

Never experienced the same issue on the Nexus 5. Is it the same issue? (drops out after wifi switch and calls)


Good news indeed! I’ll hold in there a little while longer!


Now that I switched to Optus I’ll probably stay put for a bit.

Björn Rostron

Excellent news! Quicker than I thought it would be.

Jared Mayfield

Best news I’ve heard all day, 3G wasn’t as slow as I remember it to be but yes $1000 for a 3G phone wasn’t what I had in mind.

Matej Pribelsky

Thanks for the heads-up guys! I had to switch to permanent 3G in the meantime which kind of sucks for a $1000 phone…


Good to hear and thanks for keeping chasing them up for info. Presumably though it will be rolled out as part of the December security update rather than issuing a carrier-specific patch in the meantime?


I’d expect it sooner than that, Lee.


Excellent, thanks Chris

Gareth Parker

This is great news. Seems like there were lots of folks returned phones and switched carriers from Telstra. Not sure why, as the 6P is a terrific phone and even locked on 3G on Telstra, as mine has been since I got it last week, I’ve been able to stream live video at great quality and do all the normal things you would want to do on a smartphone without any trouble. Well done Huawei.


Because people don’t want a $1,000 phone that cuts reception every 10 minutes while on a train that may or may not be fixed in the future

Awesome that they are pushing a fix – my 15 day return window was slowly closing >__<,,


I very nearly returned mine – because I use it for work. This includes a lot of travel to client locations, where I need to tether a laptop, for long periods of time, to perform maintenance and, often, download large amounts of data. GBs of data. On 3G, this is much more painful than 4G, obviously. Sitting at a client site, staring at the wall for 2 hours, waiting for a download that should have taken 5 minutes is not just boring as hell, it’s a bad look. So there’s a reason to return a phone, right there.


By spokesperson was this just a customer service rep or an exec..?


We don’t call their customer service lines for help … 😉 We spoke to their public relations exec who is in close contact with Huawei’s technical areas. The fix is indeed coming, and soon.

Paul Troy

Hope so. Turning 4g on and off is rather annoying.


Huawei are well known for providing fast and efficient software releases for fixes. (Usually a 24h deal in my experience) for DSLAM, MSAN, RAN and OLT platforms.

I don’t see any reason they won’t be able to provide this fix swiftly (within reason, obviously it’s not a $20,000 RAN for a provider like Voda who would have literally thousands of them) but it will come.

I’m quite content with 3G I also have to do stupid data loads at client sites but DC-HSUPA+ has been really good for it. And I can achieve somewhat stable 30mbps speeds on 3G.