The Nexus 6P is the best Nexus phone Google/Huawei have made, ever. It is easy to use, it is quick, and very stylish. In saying that it is not without problems. The issue with Telstra 4GX reception has been well documented, so much so that Huawei already have a fix ready for release as soon as they have run finished testing it. One other issue is with the Bluetooth stability and car stereos.

While not as publicised as the Telstra reception issue this one has irked quite a few people’s potatoes with some returning their phones just because of it. I have to admit that after spending a few thousand upgrading the stereo on my car that I am very close to returning it as well.

The main Bluetooth issue being experienced is skipping or stuttering of music (or whatever is streaming- it occurs when listening to podcasts too) from any app. It isn’t an occasional skip but will work well for a minute or so but then go on a stuttering rampage and be painful to the ears for a few minutes. The one tpye of stereo that it affects is the higher end MyLink versions that are found in the Chevrolet Camaro and the Holden Commodore SS. It has also been reported to stutter in some Subarus.

There are also issues with making phone calls using Bluetooth in the car with calls not dialling or missing the first few seconds of the conversation. This issue seems to be affecting quite a few different vehicle makes. Hopefully fixing one issue fixes all issues.

The issue is apparently known to General Motors, with the Original Poster advising his Chevy dealership had shown him a bulletin that they were aware of the issue:

Brought Csr to dealer to see if software update available but was told no, unable to fix but showed me bulletin Chevy aware but no time table for fix or if they will fix

In the first thread for the stuttering of the music an XDA Member called Chichu_9, has popped in to get more information on this issue with it being sent to the “internal engineering team” -whether that’s an internal General Motors Team or Google isn’t clarified. After feeding the information to the internal engineering team they have promised to follow up with a call to the user the following day. Trying to help himself he also found this:

I also, tried to look up some information on our internal support forums and found some information. One of them was recommending a master reset on mylink. But before you do it, wait for someone from engineering team to contact you and let them do it for you. Hope that helps.

XDA isn’t the only place that issues on Bluetooth with the Nexus 6P are appearing, there are several reports of Nexus 6P Bluetooth issues on the Google Product Forums, the most relevant one for this one appears to be: Nexus 6p – Bluetooth audio skipping. Responses to the thread appear limited, but it has been at least seen by one Google Contributor, though no promises of fixes or logged issues have been posted.

While this fix from XDA may not be their highest priority with the list of teething issues rather large it is good to know that they are working their way through them and hopefully will have a fix for it soon. For those of us with this issue it is incredibly annoying and a fix could not come soon enough.

Anyone else out there had Bluetooth issues with their Nexus 6P? What about these issues (aside from the Telstra reception issue that is)?

Source: XDA Developers.
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I have an Agora 6Plus that a week ago I accepted and update to Android 7 on. Since then I have run into one big issue in relation to a device connected with Bluetooth. I have a Garmin Edge 510 cycling computer and use their app, Garmin Connect to provide live tracking and uploads at the end of rides. All worked well on Android 6 but after the update the Phone keeps connecting and disconnecting every minute or so when the phone is locked! I cant seem to find any reference to this particular device/app issue in Google search. I… Read more »

Josh Steimle

I’m having this problem with Bluetooth headphones. I have two different pair and the problem is the same–if the antenna is even slightly blocked by pants material, when in my pocket, or if I hold the phone in my left hand instead of my right, it gets completely choppy. Super annoying.


Massive issue in terms of Bluetooth in Holden Redline .. TBH if I had known the issue I prob would not have purchased the vehicle sounds crazy but there is nothing more irritating AND dangerous than stuttering skipping Bluetooth. Any reports of a fix. Thank you.


I have no idea why this issue is just coming to light. I had a Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 and they both had Bluetooth issues. Apparently Google never tests the their devices fully before making them available for purchase.


Having the issue in my 2014 Impala with Pandora. Every third or fourth song will have no audio. If I skip the song the next one plays fine. If I disconnect from the car playback works fine. It is March now. Any fix in sight?


I have this issue but worse than simply skipping music. BT drops out completely in my car for no particular reason. I’ve only had the phone for a short time and this is quite annoying. My One Plus One was rock solid. I drive a 2013 Ford Focus ST with the Sync system. I hope they fix it soon (it’s already January).


Seems the phone has a weak Bluetooth signal, phone can’t be in a pocket or a bag, if it is the signal received by my 2013 mercedes is intermittent. If I hold it in front of my steering wheel, the steer wheel itself blocks the signal. I’ve never had this problem with any phone I’ve owned.

Robert Feenan

Have a 2015 Jeep Renegade. Started out with a Samsung Galaxy S4. Bluetooth connected up with no problems. Calls, all ok, text messages, the same. Replaced S4 with Nexus 6P and because I don’t use the phone in the car that much, I didn’t notice a problem. But just tonight driving home, tried to make phone call, send text, etc, and the phone would not even connect. Another time, it disconnected mid conversation. Another time it said there was no cell service, when there was. Apparently there is an issue with the Nexus 6P and it’s ability to connect to… Read more »

Adam Hofslund

I have a 2015 Honda fit and it will do the stuttering and then just cut out completely and disconnect. It will reconnect after a min or two but it does this very regularly. I also have a moto 360 2nd gen where it has a hard time trying to stay connected to the phone. I had a note 2 before this and never had bluetooth connectivity issues with my car and watch.


I get intermittent stuttering with my Plantronics Voyager Legend and VF GTS with MyLink. I’ve also experienced it only once however with my Nakamichi In-Car AVR

Chad Blose

Getting stuttering with my 6P in my 2015 Legacy


I too get intermittent BT stuttering issues with my N6p in my ’11 Subaru STI.

Michael Lovett

Definitely having bluetooth stuttering. Happens when connected to my new Denon receiver in the house, happened today with several different speakers I paired with at Best Buy, seems to basically happen anytime I stream BT music. Also, am not able to make/keep/use a reliable connection to my 2016 Mazda CX-5, although my previous phone, and HTC One 7, worked perfectly with this car. The only time bluetooth seems to work correctly on this phone is through my headset, but that’s not music, just voice. I really love the phone overall but this BT issue is a real killer… can’t use… Read more »


I have the same issue with Nexus 6P bluetooth connecting to my Chevrolet Camaro 2LT 2014 model.


I have aquired the Nexus 6P and I think is an awesome cellphone but yesterday I’ve tried to connect it to my Hyundai Veloster (2013) and I couldn’t, the phone doesn’t see the car when search for bluethoot devices, I use to have the Nexus 5 with the same car and never had any problems. Another issue that I have with the Nexus 6P is when try to use the screen mirroring with the Fire TV stick, is the same problem, the Nexus 6p doesn’t found the Fire TV stick, and also with the Nexus 5 never had this problem.… Read more »

Amal John

I’m having issues with my Honda bluetooth system. Phone keep disconnecting every now and then. it will connects back automatically after some time.


I have issues connecting with the HTC Re, Just won’t happen. I’ve disconnected it reset it even factory reset it but Nexus 6P will not find it. Tried on different phones not a problem just not working on the Nexus 6P.


i actually havent tried my re with the nexus 6P… i suspect the BT stack on the 6P is stuffed. hopefully Google are aware of the entire bluetooth issue and not just the cars…

Ryan Sensati

Haven’t experienced this issue at all, audio streams fine to my two cars and Logitech bluetooth receiver in the lounge.


lucky you. mine works perfectly on parrot zip, sennheiser mm100 x 2, nissan Xtrail… just not my third child, the VF SS-V Redline


Safety issue in the redline. I am the same. Too much power to be juggling BT issues!!

Grant Wigley

did you manage to find a work around? just bought the MY17 and it too has the choppy bluetooth streaming with Nexus 6p as you are all suggesting. I tried it as suggested without allowing access to contacts and messages and it improves a lot but still has a few issues. i wish someone would just fix it; but im sure they are blaming each other

Shakeel Ali

I can definitely confirm that the issue is happening, it’s just not as severe as the Telstra reception issue. The skipping and stuttering of any media happens every time i connect my phone to my mum’s Holden Cruze. Thankfully in my own car it hasnt skipped a beat! Seems like it may be a wider issue with some bluetooth standard that Subaru and GM use.

Avon Perera

What car do you have? Just wondering if I’m going to have the same issues with my Gen 5 Liberty

Shakeel Ali

I’ve got a Toyota 86 which is made by Subaru but luckily the head unit is Toyota corolla equipment. I haven’t had any issues with my last 2 nexus phones both in marshmallow in the 86. In the Cruze it drops out non stop. At least 50 percent of a song is just stuttering.

Avon Perera

Both my nexus 5 and 6 work fine with my car, and I always rely on Bluetooth streaming. Just wondering whether I should wait for a fix before buying a 6P or bite the bullet and just hope that it isn’t an issue.


How is this the “best” Nexus then? Granted the Moto Nexus 6 had its share of niggles in its infancy, but this one really seems to drop the ball on important things…like holding a network connection properly.

Daniel Tyson

Every other feature is better than the Nexus 6. Huawei to their credit is fixing issues – like the Telstra issues – quite quickly, so this will most likely be resolved quickly as well.


The article states, ‘The Nexus 6P is the best Nexus phone Google/Huawei have made, ever.’ but it’s also the only Nexus phone Google/Huawei have made, ever 🙂



Stephen Crisafulli

I guess Im lucky I have Bluetooth headphones I use for walking/running that I have little issue with, A Bluetooth headset for calls that I turn of and on a dozen times a day and an Android wear watch connected at all time. Havant noticed anything out of the ordinary, for bluetooth on adroid anyway

Phill Edwards

I’m glad I ended up getting the 5X. The 6P sounds a bit of a handful.

Daniel Tyson

Having no issues with mine, Optus and works with my 2015 Captiva stereo with no problems.