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If you enjoy the Humble Bundle offerings on Android that pop up every couple of weeks, there’s a bit of sad news with the Humble Mobile Bundle tab being removed from the Humble Bundle site.

The Mobile bundles aren’t gone per se, but the team has decided to start building mobile offerings into more places across the site rather than offering a ‘Humble Mobile Bundle’ every two weeks. They will still offer special edition mobile bundles at various times throughout the year, but the regular bundle seems to be out – at least for now.

The current Humble Bundle Weekly offering, titled ‘Made in Singapore’, currently includes two Android games – Autumn Dynasty -RTS and Mooncake Shop in their ‘Pay what you want’ tier if you want to get in on that action.

The Humble Bundle is still excited to support Android gaming with DRM free games when available, so it’s not going away any time soon.

The Humble Bundle concept is still one of the best ways to support your favourite developers as well as a wide range of charities, with options to scale your payment to go to whichever party, including the Humble Bundle team themselves, that you want.

We’ll be keeping an eye out on new Humble Bundles as they appear on the site so stay tuned.

Source: Humble Bundle.
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    Daniel Higgins

    I live and work almost exclusively mobile so “integration” will offer little value to me if that means more half-steam half-Android bundles.

    Ninety percent of my Android game purchases have been the fortnightly humble bundles, so I suppose if HB offer an android version of their monthly subscription model I may be interested in that.