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When Sony launched the Z5 series at IFA, we saw an updated camera user interface that offered a few enhancements and easier access to some camera features. It didn’t actually make it into the shipping product though, until today when the update has been delivered by Sony’s own update manager.

Sony says they’ve focused on practicality with this update. The most obvious change in the new camera is support for a swipe action to change shooting modes between Manual, Superior Auto, Video and the selection of available Camera Apps. Previously this switch was hidden behind an extra tap so it’s nice to see it exposed with a new gesture.

There’s also a new look to the settings menus, and some of the more specialised options are now hidden away behind a “more” option. This is much simpler to use than Sony’s older three-tab menu where you were never quite sure where to find things.

The update landed on Ausdroid’s Xperia Z5 today, so shouldn’t be far away if you’ve acquired your own. Sony does say that timing and availability may vary by market and carrier, though. They haven’t specified whether the new app will go out to older devices, but if we were asked to place a bet our money would be on “Yes”.

How do you like Sony’s new camera app? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Sony Blog.

Jason Murray   Deputy Editor

Jason Murray

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It’s definitely quicker to launch the camera, but they took the colour and exposure sliders off the Auto interface, you now have to go into settings to get to them.

Geoff Fieldew
Ausdroid Reader

I hope it comes to my Z3C too. The current UI isn’t particularly user friendly.

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