Asus’ intriguing HDMI dongle the ChromeBit, announced all the way back in April is finally coming to retail with Asus announcing the dongle is set to go on-sale in the US shortly for $85. The dongle will be making its way to Australian shores with a slightly higher price tag of $149, and will hit retailers in early December, just in time for Christmas.

The dongle is fairly basic in terms of specs, with Google listing the dongle as a ‘Chrome for Work’ product on the official website, which lists the stick’s retail price in USD as $109 which includes a $24 single app Chrome Device Management License – there’s your $85USD price tag if you don’t require that license.

The Chromebit is a pretty amazing device for users wanting digital signage – add a monitor with HDMI input and you’re good to go. It is also an option for those wanting a basic Chrome OS device, though the specs aren’t the highest end featuring a Rockchip CPU with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 16GB of storage and BT 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 a/b/h/n/ac. There’s a single USB port on the HDMI stick and a power port – that’s it.

Chromebit Colours

The Chromebit will be available in Black, Orange and possibly the lovely blue colour we’ve seen in press shots repeatedly, but we’ll know more closer to launch. If you’ve been waiting for a Chromebit, the wait is almost over, we’ll let you know more closer to launch.

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    Ju Smith

    Hello, i have purchased one from the US.It work well, I can stream netflix and youtube on it. i am even writing this comment from it

    Oksanna Zoschenko

    Will it run the catch-up TV apps like iView, Plus 7, SBSOne etc, and how about Youtube? And does Chrome OS have the same issues that Android has about Adobe Flashplayer not being available?

    Daniel Tyson

    ChromeOS has a version of Flash Player it uses to render that content. Never had a problem on Chrome OS with streaming sites so far


    Hmm just upgraded gaming pc to twin benq 2k monitors, might convert the old ones to chrome machines

    vijay alapati

    will wait till it drops to $99, can be used for my 40″ TV 🙂