If you’ve got a brand new Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P and you’re attached to a desk most of the day, then chances are you might be considering a stylish way to keep your phone charged and easy to view while you work.

We had a small run of the desktop docks which very quickly sold out, but the good news is we’ve just received another shipment, and better yet, I’m sitting in the warehouse doing orders today; if you order one of these docks today, you can take satisfaction knowing that there’s a good chance it’ll be packed and sent by yours truly!

The Kidigi Omni Case Ready Dock is the first desktop cradle to feature an adjustable USB 3.1 Type C connector for quick charging mobile phones and designed to work with thicker, more rugged, outdoor cases and covers.

It’s super sleek, minimal design, has an elegant gloss exterior. The fast 1.8 Amp charger is enough output to power up any smartphone and tablet, the same as speed as most USB wall socket chargers. Connect the dock to your laptop or desktop computer via a USB port to enable file syncing for all your music, videos and photos.

You can even tilt the Type C connector for easy docking and undocking so you don’t damage the port on your device.

They’re available today, but be quick before they sell out (which they will) at $39.95 ea.

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How compliant are these docks with the USB-C standard?


Just arrived, Just ran a CheckR on it and it gave me the X. So it say it is not Compliant. it was Pulling down 1.94A from my USB AMP Tester as well. Where my G3 would only pull down 1.4A from a 12A Six Port USB Charger


Can you use the standard Google charger with this? To get the fast charging?


It can do a maximum of 2A, so it’ll basically put through 10W of power instead of the full 15W. This has to do with it having a USB 3 cable on the other end; the USB3 spec doesn’t allow for 3A power (afaik, anyhow).