If you’ve picked up a new Sony Xperia Z5 or Xperia Z5 Compact recently, congratulations: you’ve got your hands on one of the more popular phones of 2015. Sony have a reputation for making great mobile handsets, with the Xperia Z3 one of the most popular and powerful handsets of the last year or so.

In recognition of this, we’ve got a range of accessories for both the Z5 and Z5 Compact on the Ausdroid Shop, and they’re an affordable and appealing way to protect and complement your new phone.

Xperia Z5

First things first are screen protectors; these protect the valuable (and expensive to replace) glass on the front of your phone’s display. We’ve got Aerios film screen protectors for $9.45, and for premium level protection, we’ve got Aerios tempered glass protectors, which look and fit great, and cost just $20.95.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.15.41 PMIf you’re after affordable and slim protection for the body of your handset, you can’t go past our line of flexible gel protective cases. These are thin and accentuate (rather than hide) the design of your phone, and they come in a range of colours — smoke black, smoke white, smoke pink and smoke blue — for $12.95 ea, or $11.95 for clear.

For a higher level of body protection, especially around the edges, why not consider our Orzly brand Fusion Frame bumpers? These have a study plastic bumper fused with a clear rear layer of plastic for added protection. They’ll take quite a lot of knocks and punishment while protecting your phone from the worst of it. They’re available in a black bumper or clear bumper, for the sale price of $22.95 ea.

Xperia Z5 Compact


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.18.49 PMWe have much the same range available for the Z5 Compact, including Aerios film screen protectors for $9.45 and Aerios tempered glass protectors for $20.95.

Orzly have the same range of bumper cases available too, with the black fusion bumper and clear fusion bumper each on sale for $22.95. We also have our own-branded clear flexible gel case for just $11.95.

Other accessories for both phones

Besides the accessories specially designed for each variant, we have a number of accessories on the Ausdroid Shop that would suit both handsets. If you’re on the lookout for chargers, docks, car mounts and more, we’ve got the full range in stock.

We won’t list everything here, but there are a few hot sellers:

For the full range, check out the links below.

As a by line, you might wonder why we feature these posts a couple of times a week. It’s simple; the Ausdroid Shop provides a small income each month to Ausdroid which helps us improve the site, cover our expenses in attending tradeshows and the like. It’s a simple and easy way to support our work; you get the gadgets you need at an affordable price, and you get to support us at the same time.



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Not bagging your shop, but I can get tempered glass screen protectors from Nuglas or Nillkin for half of what you’re charging for these Aerios branded ones from eBay from Australia-based sellers…


You can, but many of these sellers are merely dropshipping the product from Hong Kong or China. From our own experience in buying these kinds of products from so-called “Australian-based sellers”, the products never arrive from within Australia, and they rarely arrive within a day or two, usually closer to a week. I’m sure there are Australian sellers that actually do sell Australian product (or at least stuff that’s stored here), but there aren’t many. The Ausdroid Shop, on the other hand, is run from a shopfront and warehouse in Gladesville, Sydney. The Aerios products are designed by an Australian… Read more »


There’s a few notable sellers on eBay for accessories who do ship from Australia. I’m not going to endorse any here as such, but I’ve had products shipped almost always from either Melbourne or Sydney, sometimes Brisbane… (I’ve bought screen protectors, cases and stuff for at least half a dozen phones this year alone) That said, I’m keeping a close eye on the AUKey multi-charger…it’s something definitely on the cards for me once I return from my overseas trip. Chargers are something I wouldn’t ever risk buying from eBay 🙂 By the way, would you have any 2m good quality… Read more »