nexus-6p-renderThe other day The newly launched Nexus 6P hasn’t had the greatest of starts with wireless issues affecting both Telstra LTE customers as well as the Bluetooth stereo connection in some makes of cars which we’ve reported previously. The latest development, is that the problem apparently lies in the Bluetooth software in the MyLink stereos in some General Motors and hence Holden cars, and it may not be limited to just the Nexus 6P, but rather Marshmallow.

After communicating with the engineers at General Motors it has become a bit clearer, with an XDA forum member, who seems to actually work for GM, Chichu_9, reporting he has heard back from the “Tech Specialists”. His summary was enlightening:

MyLink software is still not fully upgraded to support the communication Channel with Marshmallow. It needs an software upgrade to the mylink system. They told me that they are working on it right now and should have an upgrade on the MyLink system soon that will fully support BT stack on Marshmallow.

It is certainly an interesting turn of events with many users initially blaming Google for the Bluetooth issues that the Nexus 6 has been experiencing, but it appears that the issue lies with the other end of the Bluetooth connection. A number of users using other devices running Android Marshmallow have also had issues with Bluetooth dropping on calls and connections when connecting to car stereos in Mazda, Subaru and Volkswagen vehicles as well. There is currently an issue logged on the Google Issue Tracker for the Mazda, with others chiming in to report on those vehicles. The status of that issue is now assigned, so Google are still looking into the reports.

Car manufacturers have always been slow to update their stereo systems, many have not yet adopted the Android Auto or even Apple CarPlay systems that would have very likely negated this problem. At this stage there does not appear to be an official recall for any GM vehicle over the issue.

We’ve reached out to General Motors to get comment on the issue, but have yet to hear back with an official response, we’ve also reached out to Holden locally for their response.

I have a booking on Monday for a service with Holden, hopefully I can convince them of the issue and approach a fix from that end.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with their car stereo?

Source: XDA Developers.
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    I wonder if th VF Commodore will get Android auto and Apple CarPlay?

    458 italia

    In your dreams!

    My sat-nav maps are hopelessly out-of-date. Many roads around where I live are simply not on the map.

    Holden just say there are no updates available. They also seem to be completely clueless as to whether there will ever even be any updates.


    I have a lot of issues and have been looking for fixes since I updated to marshmallow, that is how I found this article. My Bluetooth issues are with making and receiving calls through my Chevrolet mylink stereo. I can connect, listen to music/podcasts, but when a call comes in, I can answer, but the music/podcast plays over the call. the person on the other end does not hear anything. I have to manually turn off Bluetooth to take call on phone. I can also change from headset and back to Bluetooth, manually pause the audio and talk over Bluetooth… Read more »


    My Nexus 6 works (mostly) fine with my Cruze. Occasionally if I dial from the handset, it gets lost somewhere between the handset and bluetooth. But I don’t have any ‘major’ issues.