Nexus 6P - Settings

It seems that users of the Nexus 6P have found another issue with the handset, though this one doesn’t seem to be quite so specific as the issue with Telstra connectivity which Huawei are actively working to fix.

Apparently, if you’ve been using your Nexus 6P and found that the B-party (i.e. the person on the other end of the call) can’t hear you properly, then you might not be alone. Threads on Google’s Product Forum and XDA-Developers show that this seems to be a common problem. The issue seems to arise regardless of whether the phone is operated in normal or speakerphone modes, and while Google representatives have seemingly acknowledged the issue, the cause doesn’t seem immediately clear.

Some unofficial experimentation seems to show the issue relates to the Nexus 6P’s noise cancellation setup; like many smartphones today, the Nexus 6P accomplishes noise cancellation on calls with multiple microphones — one near where the mouth would be using the phone normally, and others around the body of the phone. Users have reported that covering the rear microphone on the Nexus 6P appears to solve the issue, whereas others are reporting that this causes the problem.

Dan hasn’t reported this issue in using his Nexus 6P, but it seems many others are. While Google investigates, other users are coming up with their own fixes. One clever user — Nicholas Fitchett — reported success in resolving the issue by disabling noise cancellation via root access on the Nexus 6P. He also considers this issue stems back to the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 days.

No doubt we’ll hear more about this in the near future.

Source: Android Police.
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I have also faced this issue of sound with my Nexus 6P.

While on call, many people told me on the call that they are not able to hear me…. Not sure if its software or hardware issue.

Will Dutton

I notices on that screenshot that they have double twist for camera in display settings, what sorcery is this?


I don’t think I’m getting this. I’ve had an issue with wired headphones and people not hearing me (ever) but I suspect that’s the old Samsung twisted wire thing – the headphones are from my S3.

vijay alapati

Looks like they messed up both the phone, will stick to my plan of getting note 5


You won’t be disappointed there. Note 5 is brilliant.

Jesse Kinross-Smith

<3 my Note 5.


I am having this issue when connected to Bluetooth. I contacted google and they issued me a replacement handset. If the next handset will have this issue ill definitely return it for a refund.

Brad Hook

Phone is fine when held normally, but forget about holding it against your ear with your shoulder. The 2nd party won’t be able to hear you if you do that. Weird.

Craig below reports that it’s fine with the left shoulder, but I’m left handed and always use my phone on my left side and can confirm it’s also a problem on the left.


Don’t know if it’s related but I find sometimes ‘Ok google’ with screen off just doesn’t work, other times it’s fine. No idea what’s going on.

Craig Johnston

I find holding the phone up to my ear the mic works fine, but if I rest the phone between my right ear and my shoulder the person on the other end can’t hear me. Works fine on left ear and shoulder though.