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Just when you think Google have done some really cool stuff in the past, they go and deliver one of their biggest geekouts yet. In partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney, you can (on Gmail accounts only at this time, not Google Apps accounts) choose your side: Light Side or the Dark Side of the force at

Within seconds of your decision being made, your electronic life will begin to see the effects of your decision. Your themes on various Google web and Mobile based applications will change including Android Wear, Calendar, Chrome, Chromecast, Gmail and Inbox, Maps, Google App, Translate and even YouTube will be changed by your decision.

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While some of these changes will take a bit more time than others, I instantly saw the change on my Gmail and Inbox web interface as well as my Chromecast. According to a couple of readers who have messaged me their maps location shows as an X Wing and (spoiler alert) the YouTube progress bar becomes a lightsaber. If you want an extra touch of cool to this already very sweet pot, make sure you grab the Star Wars app below which (among other things) adds a Star Wars watch face to your Android Wear device.

Star Wars
Star Wars
Developer: Disney
Price: Free

All in all, its all in good fun and doesn’t change any functionality of your applications; the decision just skins them to reflect your decision. There are more promised changes between now and the movie release, as well as a challenge of finding the easter eggs that they’ve set in among the goodness. Until next time, May the Force be with you.

Share with the other Ausdroid Geeks your decision and what easter eggs you’ve found

Source: Google Blog.
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anyone have success with Chromecast?


The little avatar on Google Street View is a Rebel Pilot 🙂

Peter Massey

God damn, I hate how nothing ever comes out for Google Apps at launch.


Google Maps had me driving, err flying to work in an X-wing fighter this morning.


It also auto-adds the date when the movie open in your calendar.