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It’s Baaaack. In light of the OTA update that’s rolling out to the Nexus 6P, Australian retailer JB Hifi has resumed selling the Nexus 6P in stores.

The phone was pulled from sale earlier this month due to 4G data connection issues being experienced by customers using the phone on the Telstra network. Huawei and Google began pushing out the latest OTA update for the Nexus 6P yesterday, and JB Hifi apparently sent a memo to staff last night advising they could now sell the handset.

The phone is also now back on the JB Hifi website where it’s being advertised for $947 outright, this price can of course be dropped to $897 if you trade-in an old handset for $50 trade-in credit. The ‘hack’ for this promotion is that it works even if you just purchase a Telstra Cruise T126 worth just $9 from JB Hifi.

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If for some reason you’ve been waiting (I have a stack of JB vouchers) to buy the phone from JB Hifi, then head into your local store where I`m sure staff will be ecstatic to sell this awesome phone to you. If you’re still not sold you can of course read our review on the Nexus 6P right here.

Source: JB Hifi.
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    A little off topic, but can anyone can confirm that JB HiFi is selling the Australian versions of the Nexus 5X and 6P?

    Daniel Tyson

    Yes, JB Hifi is 100% selling stock sourced from LG and Huawei Australia.


    Good stuff. Thanks Daniel.


    Awesome news, I have a tonne of vouchers lying around as well so I was waiting for them to get it back on the shelves. Glad it didn’t take long.