Aldi Tech Gifts
Christmas is coming and from the 2nd of December Aldi has gathered a few tech gifts to entice you in their weekly Special Buys in an attempt to vie for a place under your Christmas tree. There’s a little something across the board for mobile tech lovers, including a phone, tablet, speakers and accessories.

The phone, tablet, tablet accessory pack and speakers are Onix branded, while the accessory pack is Bauhn branded while the tablet cushion is unbranded. The Onix phone is 3G only but will sell for $99, while the 10″ Onix tablet has no 3G or 4G radio and sells for $99.99. Spec wise, the phone and tablet are both fairly unremarkable, but for a present for the kids they’re passable – though with the specs of phones and tablets getting increasingly better these days, it may be time for Onix, Bauhn and indeed Aldi to lift their game.

Onix Phone Onix Tablet
Screen: 4″ 10.1″ 1024 x 600 resolution display
Processor: Dual-Core Processsor 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor
Storage: 4GB Storage with microSD Card 16GB Storage with microSD card slot up to 32GB
Cameras: Front Facing VGA Camera and 2.0MP Rear Camera
Wireless: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
3G: Dual-SIM 3G N/A
Android OS: Android 4.4 KitKat

Also on offer is a set of ‘Fountain Speakers’ featuring what appears to be a water filled enclosure above the speakers themselves that have some sort of water jet and LED light setup built-in. THe blurb says there are 4x LED lights which seem to change colour as your music plays and ‘Water jets change height and respond in sync with the beat and speed of your music’. The speakers themselves include 2x3W power and quite frankly at $19.99 I`m very inclined to get some for my desk at work.

Fountain Speakers

There’s a bunch of Accessories available this week, the first is a Tablet accessory pack for $14.99 and is suitable for the 10.1″ Onix tablet on-sale and includes a case, on-ear earphones and car charger.


If you need car accessories for your tablet or phone, then there’s a range of them on-sale as well for $9.99ea including headrest and Air vent holders, and if you love you some iPhones, a 30-pin or lightning cable.

Lastly, the Tablet Cushion is one of those accessories that always seems like a good idea, but then you try to use it and want your $10 back – still, it is only $9.99 so if you want one it’s not too bad. It comes in a variety of colour options – Black, Red, Pink, Green and Blue, so have at it if you wish.

All these goodies go on-sale on the 10th of December, so if anything grabs your fancy – those speakers – then head into your local Aldi Store and grab them while they last.

Source: Aldi Special Buys.
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    Mike Stevens

    1gb of ram? sheeeeit. Yes yes, I know it’s hella cheap. Just playin’.

    Those speakers are straight off the set of TNG tho, I’m sure of it! Kinda gross, kinda rad…