If you’re watching the new Nexus owners going on about their fancy USB-C cables that can be plugged in without having to worry which way round they are, and you’re stuck with a MicroUSB phone like most of us, then worry no more. We’ve got an order of reversible MicroUSB cables coming into the Ausdroid Shop that are reversible on both ends.

This means you don’t need to pay any attention to which way up the USB side goes into your charger or computer, and it doesn’t matter which way you plug the MicroUSB end into your phone. On top of this, the cables are made with high-quality copper and a braided cable exterior for added longevity. I’ve been using one of these cables for a few days and its simply brilliant.

We will be selling these for $18.95 for a two-pack, but before we do that, we’d like to offer an exclusive to our readers with a nice little discount; just $14.95 for a two pack; that’s 20% off. This will be a limited time offer though, so don’t miss out. Place your pre-orders today, and these will be shipping early next week from 1 December.

[ausdroidshop title=’Reversible MicroUSB cables – 2 pack’ url=’’ price=’14.95′ special=’true’]

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    @Chris Got my cables yesterday. Connected it to my HTC One M8s. The reversible part does not work. The cable will only charge the phone if the cable is plugged in the correct way, if you know what I mean. Not looking for a refund or anything just mentioning that the cables may not be working.


    What are these cables like from a fast charge perspective?


    Hey Chris, great product, good deal. The unfortunate fact is, I just bought two (more) of high quality micro-USB cables last week. I wish this was available then (or if it was I wish I knew that). I’m still tempted to order though. Just for the sake of it. Love the idea. I wonder why hasn’t this been done before. I mean this should’ve been out within a month or two after the fruit company introduced their reversible port. The usefulness of this will diminish greatly over the next year or two (admittedly that’s still enough time to make the… Read more »


    Just ordered a pack of two. Order number A1707. Payment via PayPal (Transaction no.: 1CH97817XS2192832). Cheers.



    vijay alapati

    $14 O_0


    Most high quality USB cables are around $8-$10 ea, and that’s if you’re really scraping the barrel. That these are $14.95, for two of them, and they’re reversible on both ends… really, it’s ridiculous.

    vijay alapati

    My only concern is its only 1meter, else its a deal 🙁