HTC hasn’t had the greatest of years, but they are still in there fighting and Australians love an underdog. Today the HTC US team has taken part in a reddit AMA in which they’ve announced a new preview program which will invite selected users to provide feedback on software & hardware before it’s widely released, the best news is it’s open to Australians.

The reddit AMA itself is being run by the HTC US team, so it’s very much focused on their market, but it has a few interesting tidbits about the preview program itself. There’s no actual compensation for taking part in the program, but you will get access to review devices before they’re released and the team is very much after honest feedback.

Q: What do I, as a user, get in exchange for helping you with this preview program?
Edit: Second question: what data is collected by HTC as part of this program?

We’ve developed and expanded the Preview program to gather more information about how users are actually using their devices and collect feedback from our most passionate fans. As we learn more about user behavior, we can use that information to inform our future software and product design.

Logs are running in the background and collect data on network/signal strength, battery information, usage times, apps used. We do not collect personal data (such as passwords, account information, text messages, MMS, emails, call logs unless authorized by you). We cannot at any time see your screen or what you’re doing unless you took a screenshot to share with us.

Aside from getting a new free smartphone to play with for the duration of the trial, you can also get a taste of the latest and greatest HW & SW while the rest of the general public is patiently waiting for a leak or rumor.

The preview program is open for you to sign up to now, there’s no guarantee you’ll be picked but it’s worth a shot if you’re a HTC fan, or just want to get in on the action. Head over to and enter your details, you will be required to sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement, but if you get to play with some neat gear it’s definitely worth it.

Source: reddit.
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    I have signed up. I have been a HTC fan since I started buying smartphone with my first Android phone being the original HTC Desire. But prior to that, I had the HTC Touch Diamond (Windows phone). And I have never deviated. Lately, I was starting to lose faith in the brand so hopefully this preview program will restore some of that faith (if chosen to review one of course). Thanks for the heads up.

    Yianni soc

    I’ve signed up. I’ve only used a HTC one m7 briefly.. This may be the way to get me using HTC again!
    Thanks for the heads up.