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The ABC has today announced that their main ABC channel will now be available for everyone to stream via iview.

The update comes on the back of similar announcements from Seven and Nine to stream their free to air stations through their video on demand services, allowing viewers to see their content anywhere. The ABC iview stream will show only the NSW schedule at this stage, meaning that WA residents will need to get very organised to watch shows at an earlier hour on iview if they wish to consume it.

iview is currently available on the web, as well as through the PC on the ABC iview website. The ABC has warned of excessive data consumption, advising that streaming iview can take around 200-300MB per hour.

This is a great leap forward for iview, joining other leaps forward like their inclusion of Chromecast support – though anyone who has used that particular feature will agree that it still needs a lot of work.

If you’re wanting to try it out, check out the ABC website or download the ABC iview app free from Google Play on your Android device now.

ABC iview
ABC iview
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    Ausdroid peeps, what can we do as a community to make ABC get their act together and fix their chromecast support? I’ve tried emailing them and not much happens. Let’s try and get them onto it! Any ideas, anyone?? 🙂


    So have I. ABC iview on Chromecast is abysmal.


    They really need to fix their chromecast support, it really is buggy as.


    “The ABC has warned of excessive data consumption, advising that streaming iview can take around 200-300MB per hour.”

    They consider that excessive consumption. I consider that terrible video quality, especially compared to most other streaming services. BBC iPlayer is far better quality for example. Not to mention that iView Chromecast support is a complete mess.


    Yeah I was just reading over the reviews for the iView app last night and noticed that nothing seems to have changed as far as Chromecast support goes. Still has problems with the pre-roll ads and ratings notifications. Also has appalling video quality as you mentioned. I’ve watched parliamentary stuff where ABC have said they find it difficult to deal with the volume of traffic on iView with the budget they have. IIRC iView is the most popular of all the catch up services. I’ve said it before somewhere.. maybe here.. but it would’ve been interesting if as part of… Read more »

    Phill Edwards

    But credit where credit’s due… at least they have Chromecast support, unlike SBS.


    I find it unwatchable though. It stutters and pauses and drops out so much that I have to hook the laptop up to the TV with HDMI to watch anyway. I’m not sure what they’ve done wrong in that all my other apps work perfectly with Chromecast and watching the same program on the laptop works fine too.


    I’ve just watched this for a bit and it needs a bit of work. Every few minutes the stream hiccups and jumps around. Like forwards then backwards and then back to real time. Stream quality seems to vary as well – yes it gets worse. This is on 100 Mb NBN which speed tests at full speed. It is only the first day though.