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Pinch and a punch for the first of the month, which means that November as Aussie Music Month on Google Play Music is at an end; but that doesn’t stop the beats with Google continuing the music focus with Amazing Music Deals again showing off the best of Australian musical talent – and there’s a free album.

The free album – Play : Aussie Pop – is again a conglomeration of Australian Idol and X Factor winners over the last decade or more, mixed in with a few legitimate pop icons. There’s some Ok tracks, including Que Sera from Justice Crew (It’s boppy and I don’t mind it – so naff off). It’s not going to please everyone, but you can’t beat free and if you don’t like it, no-one is adding it to your music library automatically.

Like last months focus, this new music focus shows off some great Aussie musicians including Silverchair’s Frog Stomp, Delta Goodrems Innocent Eyes and of course Whispering Jack from John Farnham.

Head over to Google Play Music to grab your free album and check out the music on offer.

Source: Google Play.