After launching in April this year with little to no support from local video content providers, Foxtel’s Presto service has today announced that they have launched their Android TV app.

The app is aimed at the current line of Sony Bravia flat-screen TV’s which run Android TV, as well as the Asus built Nexus Player. Interestingly though, the list of devices shown as compatible does not include either of the two devices Presto advises the app is aimed at – though we believe this is just a switch that needs flicking, with compatibility lists to still sync with Google Play.

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The app has been designed natively for Android TV, with Presto saying this new compatibility is part of ther push to bring their premium SVOD entertainment to living room big sceens and increase the amount of ways that subscribers can enjoy Presto – not a bad idea when you’re competing with the behemoth that is Netflix, which has been on Android TV since the launch of the platform.

Presto’s launch of their Android TV app coincides with the launch of a number of new programming features, with The Big Bang Theory seasons 1-7 now available and locally commissioned drama special event: Home and Away: An Eye for an Eye and other TV programs Bates Motel season 1, Homeland seasons 1- 4, Parks and Recreation seasons 1-6; and movies Unbroken and The Social Network all arriving in December.

Shaun James, Presto TV CEO, said of the launch

We are seeing a trend amongst the world’s leading consumer electronics makers towards using the Android TV operating platform, delivering smart, internet-powered entertainment easily to the big screen.

Presto’s arrival on Android TV leads the platform’s move into Australian living rooms with an app that allows consumers access to Presto’s extensive movie and TV content in an easier and more intuitive way than ever before.

The launch of Presto on selected Sony Android TVs and Google Nexus Players is the next step in delivering even more big screen options for existing and new Presto subscribers. Our timing couldn’t be better as we begin streaming the biggest comedy show in the universe, The Big Bang Theory, which has arrived on Presto today.

If you haven’t tried out Presto yet, you can start with a one-month free trial of the service which gives you access to the full range of Presto’s full TV and Movie libraries. After the 1-month trial you can sign up to continue Presto service for $9.99 per month for the TV or $9.99 per month for the movie service – or sign up to a bundle with both services for $14.99 per month.

You can install the Presto Android TV app now from Google Play. We’ve confirmed that, besides the Android TV devices available in the Australian market, the app is also compatible with the Nvidia Shield TV.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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Does it support content discovery?

Greg Hortin

Hopefully the ATV app is more reliable than casting to the Chromecast. Will be interesting to see what the quality is like. Time to play with the 6 month free presto trial that hasn’t been getting much use.