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Not getting some of Google’s services or products right away, we always like to be reminded when Google does an Australian specific video. Today, Google has released two new videos, aimed very likely as commercials featuring Google Search and Google Photos.

Both commercials clock in at a very short 20 seconds each with a quick, sharp blast showing off each feature. The first, called Android: Swell-chasing, shows off the awesome ability of Photos to automatically categorise your photos, making them easier to find at a later date and share. The second, called Android: Flexible Foodie, shows off what can happen when you attempt that new culinary delight and it fails – your backup is always some good takeaway.

Check them out and see what you think:
Android: Swell-chasing

Android: Flexible Foodie

Source: Google Australia Blog.
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    Have there ever been any Android ads on TV in Australia?

    Daniel Tyson

    I don’t watch TV, but I’ve been told by our readers that they’ve seen Google Ads such as these on TV previously.


    Cool. I’m the same I only watch a few hours a month now, if that. So I was curious to see if the average person would actually see these ads when they turned on the TV.