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The App and Game Deal of the week has become a welcome start to a Wednesday, except for a brief scare, it’s nice to wake up to see what new stuff you can get for a grand total of 40c. This week, we have two great titles: Today Calendar Pro and Bridge Constructor, dropped to just 20c each.

App Deal of the Week
Today Calendar Pro
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If you’re in need of a great Calendar alternative to the Google Calendar then Today Calendar Pro is an excellent choice and at 20c it’s a steal. Today Calendar is based on the stock calendar so it seems familiar, but it adds that certain something with a great visual design that sets it apart from the competition with a great UI that’s themeable.

Today Calendar is a great option due to its All-In-One view, combining the month and agenda views from the stock calendar to see what’s happening today from just one screen.

All your usual calendar functions are included in Today Calendar Pro, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Today Calendar Pro
Today Calendar Pro
Developer: Jack Underwood
Price: $4.49

Game Deal of the Week
Bridge Constructor
Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.26.49 am
I’ve always had a thing for engineering games, building bridges and towers and Bridge Constructor lets you experiment with that side of things in a pretty nicely laid out app. At 20c it’s a bargain but it’s worth noting that there’s additional costs involved with IAP on offer from $1.11 – $2.99 per item – but don’t let that get you down because Bridge Constructor is still an awesome game.

You can design and construct different types of bridges in a variety of landscapes from cities to canyons, beaches, mountains and hills out of wood, steel, cables or good old concrete pillars. Once you’re done constructing your bridge it’s time to test it out, in Bridge Constructor that means driving a car, truck or even a tank over it to test its load bearing capabilities, watch it hold up or crumble to dust – it’s all about how well you designed it.

Bridge Constructor is hours of fun and if you’re after a fun game, then this is definitely one to check out.

Bridge Constructor
Bridge Constructor
Developer: ClockStone STUDIO
Price: $1.99

That’s it for this week, with the US retail holidays: Black Friday and Cyber Monday over, this is a good way to get a bargain so check them out.

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