Nat and Lo

Since starting their very Meta 20% Google project and making it about Google, Nat and Lo have published 8 videos until todays, the 9th episode of “Nat and Lo’s 20% project” in which they’ve taken time to investigate Project Loon; an idea by which Google were planning to use high altitude, super pressure balloons (not unlike hot air balloons) that reside in the stratosphere to deliver internet to areas that may not otherwise have infrastructure to reach that far.

Their curiosity about the project took them to an old World War 2 hanger where they learned how the projects started, some surprising figures about how many people don’t have internet access available to them and how they increased the life of these from 5 days to 187 days for the longest lasting to date.

We’ve seen Project Loon balloons in testing here in Australia – though nothing recently and they’ve been seen more in the region of Sri Lanka where Google is reportedly looking to start providing LTE speed coverage for the country.

The videos are a fascinating insight into the various projects running at Google and allow otherwise unseen detail about them to become public.

What is your favourite video from Nat and Lo to date?

Source: Nat and Lo's YouTube.