Disney’s hotly anticipated Star Wars Cardboard VR experience has gone live in the app, with notifications going out earlier tonight advising that an update with the new Cardboard experience is now live.

The VR adventure, called Jakku Spy involves a large download, well, 3 actually, one clocking in at 1.27MB, the others at 38MB and 127MB in size – so make sure you have a WiFi connection available if you’re worried about excess data charges. Jakku Spy can be downloaded as a phone experience or of course on Cardboard, with US carrier Verizon the sponsor for the adventure, with Verizon customers in the US also able to grab a Star Wars themed Cardboard headset.

Cardboard - Verizon Viewers

The first Jakku Spy VR experience is a pretty underwhelming experience. On loading the VR experience, you’ll get a taste of the familiar Star Wars credits crawl introducing you to the story of the Jakku Spy. You’ll then be transported to the surface of a desert planet where you’ll see the Millenium Falcon chased by Tie Fighters before BB-8 (the cute little spherical droid we’ve all come to know over through the trailers) appears and you can then replay the experience.

A bit of background from the Star Wars universe [Spoiler Alert] the desert planet of Jakku is apparently the scene of a battle after the battle of Endor which we saw at the end of Return of the Jedi. Jakku is also the place where we will first see Rey, the girl from the Force Awakens trailers. How much these VR experiences will tease of the movie isn’t clear, we’ll have to wait 2 more days for the next instalment to find out.

All up there’s going to be several VR experiences – 9 in total – over the next 15 days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in cinemas on December 17th. The excitement is mounting, but this experience has to be one of the lower points of the marketing campaign, but it did leave me wanting a lot more.

Star Wars
Star Wars
Developer: Disney
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.