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Google is now allowing customers to use those small chunks of Google Play credit left in your account as partial payment when purchasing from the Google Play Store.

The additional payment method showed up for some reddit users earlier this week with residents in the US, UK and Canada, but is now seeminly more widely available, although does not yet appear to be available in Australia as yet. The availability could just be slow to roll out, when this thread first appeared I was unable to apply partial credit to purchases on my US account, but I am now able to. My Australian account is still not successful, so it’s either not going to be available here or it’s still very slow to roll out.

According to users on the site, they can apply partial Google Play Credit payments to purchases from Apps, Music, Movies, Books and Newstand, as well as applying partial payment towards In-App Purchases. No word on whether you can apply the partial payment to Google Play Music subscriptions, which according to the Google Play Support Doco for Payment Method availability is allowed. There’s also no mention of partial payments in that support documentation either.

We’ve all tried it around the Ausdroid office today, but we’re yet to see it working. If you’re on an Australian account and have seen this yourself, let us know in the comments below.

As of yesterday, it seems that a number of Ausdroid writers and readers are seeing this option to split payments on their Google Play accounts. So, it’s a matter of ‘oh joyous day Kaloo kalay’ because now Google is really letting us choose how to pay – at least within the confines of the allowed payment methods. Awesome.

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    Looks like only split is with credit cards. I can’t apply my play credit with a carrier billing payment.


    long overdue! iOS had this for ages I think. I had around .50cents on my Playstore which I can’t use since there are no 50cent apps