Telltale Games has made their name in gaming with adaptations of popular television shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. With the last installments now coming out, it’s time to look to the future and the next series the company will tackle is in partnership with Warner Bros. and DC with Batman.

Like their previous games, the upcoming Batman series will be episodic based and again be available cross platform on consoles, PC/Mac, and mobile devices. The game has a teaser trailer, shown off at the Game Awards 2015 for Batman fans to begin drooling over, though it doesn’t actually show any game play it does show a lot of dark themes hinting at a pretty cool game to come.

Kevin Bruner, Co-Founder and CEO of Telltale Games, said

At Telltale, we’ve been honored to bring our unique approach to interactive storytelling to some of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be exploring what it means to be Batman in an all-new series starting next year. This iteration of Batman will give fans a first-hand opportunity to dive deeper into the complex life and mind of Bruce Wayne, the duality of his own identity, and the struggle of responsibility in saving a city overcome with corruption and villainy.

At this stage, no release date has been announced for their Batman themed title, but with many people keen for more of that high quality gaming content we’ve come to expect from Telltale Games we hope it won’t be too far away.

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    Harrison Pace

    Nice can’t wait to play this on the Big Screen using Android TV – had a blast playing Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, etc.