There’s a lot of stuff on Kickstarter, a lot of it probably shouldn’t have gone much past “I’ve got this idea – hold my beer while I draw you a picture” but this is one (of a few lately) that has caught my eye. The accessories market is crammed full of cables in various lengths, connectors and capabilities. When it comes to mobility purposes they’re easy to tangle (which seems to increase exponentially with each cable added to your bag for your various devices) and a tad fragile if you get them caught up or just general wear and tear.

The LiteWire (at least on paper) has a solution to those issues with their design being literally; short and sweet. The cable is short in length and carries both a MicroUSB and Lightning connector (USB Type C is a stretch goal, so get in there if you’re keen!) and comes with a keyring to carry it wherever you go and a protective shell to keep the connectors usable.

Running at CAD$15 its hardly a ruinous investment and if you even semi-regularly travel; either road trips or interstate day trips for work this could be a really useful addition to a travellers bag of tricks. I think I’ve sold myself on this, another Kickstarter project to back.

Its easy to get caught up in Kickstarter hype, share your Kickstarter wins and losses with us.

Source: LIteWire Kickstarter.