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Update: Foxtel has advised that the update with full availability should be available to all users by this afternoon.

After 2 years in the wild with very limited availability, Foxtel has finally announced that their Foxtel Go service, which allows you to access Foxtel ‘where and when you want’, is now available to ANY device running Android 4.1 and above – all the way up to Marshmallow.

Previously restricted to only tested devices – unless you fiddled around a bit – the app was quite restrictive, with mainly Samsung devices supported, though Sony and LG devices were certainly added to the list in recent times. Allowing devices running Android 4.1 and above to access Foxtel Go is a good move, with the latest figures showing that this will allow 92.7% of people with an Android device to access the service.

Foxtel Go is available as part of a Foxtel subscription package, allowing access to up to 2,500 movies and TV shows across 78 channels – depending of course on your package – and that list is always growing. Subscribers can access Foxtel Go within 15 minutes of completing their sales order.

Foxtel Go is free to download from Google Play right now, and if you’re interested in signing up for a package, head across to the Foxtel website.

Foxtel GO
Foxtel GO
Developer: FOXTEL
Price: To be announced
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    New tablet with marshmallow today and Foxtel Go says it’s a jail break or broken… morons


    Wouldn’t say no to some Android TV love…… come on Foxtel!


    This is excellent news. I can stop harassing the moderators on their forums now 😀 At least now we don’t have to keep listening to “we’re working hard to bring it to more devices”.

    Aaron Airey

    Google play must be updated now just downloaded on my Nexus 6


    Yep, no access from my Nexus 6 still. Unsupported Device message. They really shouldn’t announce things like this until they hit the big red button to remove device checking (that they could have done years ago btw). Agree with @homebrandcola:disqus this is just a dinosaur of a company finally reacting to the influx of streaming apps which have no problem running on any respectable android device. Their reputation is irreparably damaged in my eyes. They still have the most premium service available in terms of content, but they need to respect their customers more and react quicker to market trends… Read more »


    *Cough Stan cough* I wish they’d update their device support to anything running a recent version.

    But good to see customers fleeing their platform sparking some common sense updates.

    Damien Harrison

    No luck on a moto x play, device not supported.

    Clyde Jones

    Yea doesn’t seem to have rolled out yet. Doesn’t work on my Nexus 6


    GNex, N5, N6, HTC One M7 all listed as compatible for me via website

    Fred Nerk

    Garbage. Play Store even notes that it was last updated 8 April 2015.


    Ha I remember foxtel.

    James Hector

    I just tried on the Nexus 6p and no deal. They must not have turned off their server side device check yet… In actual fact, I can’t see their announcement anywhere on their normal announcement forums???

    Consta Theo

    Wonder if the apk will work well/if at all on Android TV?? Knowing Foxtel from the past, they tend to lock it down pretty hard, at least bring chromecast/airplay into the mix. Probably wont happen anytime soon.