The Music Flow family of speakers is pretty impressive, in fact in the streaming music game they’re possibly one the best value for money speakers available. They offer good quality sound, both Wifi and hard wired connections to the speakers, you can operate with or without the speaker bridge and importantly for those of us with Play Music: They support Google Cast!

While there is often some really good specials on hardware like this at the various retailers (JB Hifi, Good Guys, Bing Lee and Harvey Norman) there is a particularly attractive price on the Music Flow Family at the moment through Harvey Norman.

Device Name Price
R1 Wireless Bridge $72
H3 Wireless Music Flow Speaker $98
H4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $124
H5 Wireless Music Flow Speaker $148
H7 Wireless Music Flow Speaker $198

The price is really cheap for these speakers and makes them a great Christmas present for yourself or someone in the family.

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Source: Harvey Norman.
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They are cheap because they dont work! I bought these on special and they are hopeless, They drop off randomly from the app, very unstable, have a look at all the complaints on the lg music flow forum about them. Dont waste your money, buy sonos instead.

Daniel Tyson

Seems it’s a matter of your mileage may vary – Phil has reviewed a number of the Music Flow speakers and encountered no issues, in fact he raves about them still in our Ausdroid chat.

Phil Tann

I had a few minor issues like that when I got a second speaker.
The bridge solved that issue instantly.

Dean Jones

Wow really? I bought two of these (H7’s) and absolutely love them and haven’t had a single issue. My roomates also have them set up through their devices and have been raving about them.


I had the same experience when I bought these last time they were on special.

However the recent firmware update has solved all of these problems for me (1 x H5 and 2 x H3’s).

2 complaints: 1 – the stereo pairing is not retained when the H3’s are powered off, and 2 – the iOS app it absolutely horrible.

Dissa Pointed

Yes stay away from these unless you are able to test with your phone/network first. I’ve had all sorts of problems getting it to work. Sometimes it does and other times not. At home/work no, but at a friend’s network it does. Seems very fussy on network conditions and phone – my LG phone does not work with it but other brand phone does!?!?

There is a good reason these are continuously on such “great” special.


I’ve got the big-arse soundbar and sub (LAS950M) and it works great with Chromecast, Bluetooth and optical-in, I haven’t really used the music flow app though other than for settings and firmware updates. I’ve just ordered one of the HS7 units so hoping that it ties-in nicely as a wireless speaker for the deck, I believe the soundbar acts as the hub in lieu of the wireless bridge so it should be fine.


I have similar problems with Apple Airplay, funnily enough. I suspect my wifi is to blame.