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Google Calendar is at the core of many people’s daily life, it’s simple, easy to use and it has great functionality – but it’s about to get better with Google today announcing you will now be able to add reminders into Calendar.

Reminders will simply follow your Calendar timeline, appearing at the top of your timeline till you’ve completed them. Reminders are fully incorporated with Google Services (You can even create reminders from Inbox, Keep, and Google Now) Calendar is able to hook in to your other data and add in all the details of a reminder like phone numbers and addresses for things you have to do – and when you’re done, you simply swipe the reminder away.

The update to Google Calendar will roll out over the next few days so you can wait for the update prompt to appear, or of course side-load it if you’re keen to get into adding reminders.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
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Source: Gmail Blog.
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    David Anderton

    Is there a way to get fb events you have rsvp’d too to appear in your calendar?


    Google ‘fb events export’ or something like that. Try reading the second link? IF the first doesn’t work.. 2nd seems to have relevant info? Dunno.


    Does this mean Google Calendar reminders replaces Google Keep, Google Now, and Inbox reminders? I’d like to have one reminder system that appears in all those apps, instead of multiple reminder systems.


    I think it does. That’s what I gathered from the video anyway…