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Mailbox was initially conceived as an extension of the Dropbox way of thinking, to simplify the way that people work together. By putting together their own take on email workflow and offering a deeper integration with their own product Dropbox, they believed that they have altered the way that people address their mobile email solution; thus achieving their ultimate goal with Mailbox.

Their own internal analysis of the way that Mailbox is being used, though, has led the Dropbox team to realise that they have (in their eyes) done all they can on this part of their business journey with Mailbox, and with this, Dropbox have decided to close the Mailbox service come February 2016.

There will undoubtedly be some users who want to hang on to the app for as long as possible, but others will move on quickly to other innovative solutions such as Inbox by Google.

The end result of all this is that on February 26th 2016 users will have to say their final goodbye to Mailbox and engage another solution. The details regarding their final shutdown process and your data can be found on their FAQ page.

Dropbox has also announced the cessation of its Carousel photo gallery service, with key components of the service offering to be rolled into the core Dropbox service before the service is disabled at the end of March 2016.

With many competing services out there, including free and powerful offerings from Google in the form of Inbox/Gmail and Google Photos, many Dropbox users probably won’t have to look too far for new email/photo management service.

If you’re a Mailbox user, what mail client will you choose to move forward with?

Source: Dropbox Blog.
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I remember I read some articles before and said evernote and dropbox will die very soon.

I used all of those products long time ago but now never used.

Gray Fox

I didn’t use it, but signed up as they offered 2GB extra to my Dropbox account which is free


I remember when they made such a huge deal over when Mailbox was first released.