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One of the most fondly remembered games for retro gamers is the Microsoft produced Age of Empires series. The game was licensed to developer KLab Global Pte. Ltd. to produce a mobile version for iOS and Android and it’s been released to Google Play – the problem is, even the developer can’t tell you where.

Eagle eyed Ausdroid reader Will noticed the game was out and on their Facebook page they proudly announce the availability of the game for Android – though they qualify with ‘*Only available in specific countries’. This is true for the Australian and US stores, where customers are getting a ‘This app is incompatible with all of your devices’ message.

When we followed up with Klab, they advised:

Thank you for playing “Age of Empires:World Domination”

Regarding your inquiry, it is possible that it is not distributed in your country or it is taking time to reflect in the Store.

We are currently investigating the distributed countries.
When the distribution starts, it is announced in the official web site.

In case it is taking time to reflect in the Store, please confirm again after waiting a while.

Their Twitter feed has advised that they are increasing the amount of available devices, but haven’t mentioned country availability

When it does launch, Age of Empires: World Domination will be free to play, though the game does list Digital purchases are included in the game so be prepared for timers, or upgrades when you get hooked.

The game itself looks like a lot of fun, with nods back to the original, though just how much ground Microsoft has lost by launching this title so late is unclear. Until the game is available here, check out the promo trailer and see what you think:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Facebook.
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    Lol, ITS OUT, soon/somewhere. I probably play it, for old timey fun


    I’m so sick of freemium games. Just let me buy the damn thing if i want to play it.

    Alex Gerontzos

    OMG!!! I played Age Of Empires when I was kid I cannot wait till we can download this baby! Happily to pay for this game!!