Google released the latest update for their current Nexus devices yesterday and the inevitable rollout of over-the-air updates has begun. The Nexus 5X, 6P, 7 (2013), Player and 9 have all started receiving the update so we’ve rounded up the list and you can now side-load them if you can’t wait for the prompt to update.

One note regarding the Nexus 6P is that the links provided don’t account for the OTA update from MMB29N to MMB29M for Telstra users – though as we know now, the latest update does include the fixes for Telstra customers. But we need the link for the OTA update for those users. The process of capturing an OTA update is fairly simple and we’ve outlined the process here, once you’ve grabbed the URL for the update file for your Nexus share it with us so everyone can benefit.

Applying an OTA update to your Nexus device with an OTA update is fairly simple, and you can follow our handy guide here.

So, if your OTA update is below feel free to grab them directly from the Google servers and apply them:

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    Jonny Osorio

    My nexus 6P has got the over the air update from Google this morning!


    Yep, Nexus 5 OTA update arrived this morning too.


    Nexus 7 WiFi (2013) update fails – I get the broken Android on the recovery screen. I haven’t tried doing it manually yet.


    My 5 had the notification this morning. All updated and ready to go! 🙂

    Martin Leonard

    My Nexus 7 wifi got the OTA update this morning (model MMB29K). Still waiting for the Nexus 5X (but won’t be flashing).


    My Nexus 6P is on MMB29N….

    Sounds like that’s an even later version than the OTA which is on 29M?

    Brad Hook

    29N is 6.0 based, 29M is 6.0.1. Weird, but it’s how it is.

    Daniel Tyson

    Please read the PSA post I put up yesterday. Which is also linked in the post.


    So for those of us on MMB29N will we receive the OTA update shortly or do we have to manually flash the update to be on the same update path as everyone else? And if this is the case going forward we will still receive the OTA updates in the future if we have manually flash this update? Sorry just a bit confused, never had a Nexus before. 🙂