Google Books - Australia

Google continues to offer advice for developers as e-books in Google Play Books. Their first developer book, The Secrets to App Success on Google Play, focused on how to succeed on the Play Store and was recently updated to a second edition. This is now followed by a deeper look at apps for families and children in The Family Playbook.

The book covers some important areas and contains some best practice advice around app design for kids as well as how to market your app to the right people to get it noticed. It covers design ideas, business models and intellectual property (we can probably summarize that last one: don’t call your game Mickey’s Adventure unless you want Disney to come knocking on your door).

It’s mainly common sense, although its nice to see some recommendations formalized and isn’t particularly heavy reading. If you’re developing an app for youngsters or families it’s worth taking half an hour to at least skim through the book and make sure you’ve got a solid plan for your family app.

What advice would you give to developers working on a kids’ game or app?

Source: Play Books.